#LabalabaOnTheMove: Revive Dried Up Gel Products.

Hey Everyone,

Just a quick post on how to revive any drying gel product you have. These pictures aren't so great but they are quite explanatory. 

I'm so addicted to my phone camera now, using the mirrorless camera seems like work. Has anyone here tried the mirrorless camera? What setting do I need to get right? Sigh, my previous post, for example, was 100% phone camera. Awesome yeah? I know! 

Away from cameras, let's talk about the post, shall we?

#SkinCare: Updated Blacksoap Routine

What's up!!!

How are you guys doing?

Like the title says, I want to show you my updated black soap routine. 

In a funny way, I prefer this tweaked version to the previous one I made here. Reason being that - it is more moisturizing and less drying to the skin.


I don't want to write so much, just need to show you what I have started doing. The whole idea is to keep changing recipes to get what exactly suits you. 

And We Are LIVE!

Hello Everyone!

I know, I know.

It's been a minute...

Told you guys I was working on something(s). Right?

So here's one of the numerous things I have been working on behind the scenes.

Let's just say, we have heard... and we have successfully tweaked the site in such a way that it still feels fresh!

What am I talking about?

#LabalabaReview: Mac Retro Lipstains.

Hey Sugars!!

I know I am late on this, truth is I got it a while back, didn't just get around taking photos to review. Better late than never right?

Let's b honest, MAC Cosmetics actually came in late with this line... ahn an, when everyone has jumped on lip stains...

Nonetheless, I'd still pick Mac over any other brand. Lol, my OCD didn't change address 2017 so bear with me.

Let's get right straight to it, shall we?

#LabalabaOnTheMove: Converting Pencils to "Pomade"

Hi Babies!

So a new YEAR has started!! A lot has happened this past week that even I can't contain myself! Gradually, people will find out! *grinning*. I chose to post this now because I have been working tirelessly on other posts for the blog but for some reason this particular post felt just about right for today (The New YEAR, what are the odds..)

I was having a lengthy discussion with a friend of mine on managing makeup products because of the economy bla bla blaa with was in reference to my posts on looking on fleek during this recession - part 1 and part 2 just in case you missed it... To be quite honest, this idea literally popped up in the middle of our discussion and I told her I'd buzz her back in a bit to try my new experiment out (as I'd like to call it).


The Joy!


Top 6 tips to look "onfleek" during this Recession Period. (Part 2)

Hey lovies,

How are you all doing?

So here, we have a continuation of the series "looking on fleek" on a budget.

Make sure you read from Part 1. Or just go back to that. *Kanye Shrug* lol

#NewFragranceAlert: JoMalone "Dark Amber and Ginger Lily"

Hello Beaus!

How are you all doing!

So I teased my very good friend more or less like I bullied him  into getting me a perfume. I just mentioned the brand JoMalone and left it to him to decide which one he loved and would want to sniff when I pass by. 

All he said was okay. 

Knowing him, I wasn't expecting him to get it for me - Hol Up, Hol Up, PAUSEWomen and Wahala! *rme* really?? "You weren't expecting him to get it??" Uh-huh, tell me more...

Anyway, It was such a pleasant delight seeing him bring this baby out of his car for me. Lol!