#AncientBeauty: Apple Cider Vinegar

This is it guys!

Old but Goodie!!

Hair and Skin Saver!!!

Where to purchase in Nigeria

  1. MedPlus
  2. HealthPlus
  3. Shoprite
Or any pharmacy or supermart close to you. I am just sure of these three places. I guess because demand for the product is low in this part of the world, some stores do not stock up on these...(really sad...)

Rest of the World

Amazon is your best bet. Or, you can check Bragg's website directly to purchase. 

Please look out for the ones with "The Mother",the bacteria and yeast responsible for the apple fermentation (Check the bottle of the bottle, it usually settles down to the base)...Yup! That right there is "bae"... 

I initially got this for my skin allergies (story for another day). I was advised to pour in water before showering, ended up drinking it diluted, loool.

This product is AMAZINGGGGGGGG for your skin and your hair. It can also be used for (but isn't limited to) the following:
  • Weight Loss (Controls your appetite)
  • Diabetes (Lowering your blood sugar level)
  • Wound or Injury Disinfectant

For Hair

Apple Cider Vinegar aka ACV is great for conditioning hair, clearing dandruff, improving growth, repairing split ends and detangling hair!!!(..great stuff right??)

How to use

You will need just two ingredients - Water and ACV.

After your regular hair wash (shampooing ie), measure two cups of water and a cup of ACV into a spray bottle and spray the mix into your hair.

Please NOTE!...This mix will sting you and it will smell funny upon application.

Leave this mix for about 20-30 mins, rinse completely with warm water.


Some people use it before shampoo (I will like your comment on how that works exactly as I haven't tried it). I feel like it's a waste of product as these babies don't come cheap, lol.

For Face/Skin

Following the same procedure above, dab some cotton wool into the mix and apply on your face to cleanse. It opens up your pores and clears out unwanted dirt and bacteria that causes inflammation of the skin.

The results are marvelous !!

For Cleaning Makeup Brushes

You guessed as much!..ACV contains anti-bacteria (the malic acid in it). Suitable for killing all the demonic pimple-causing bacteria that stick to our brushes...mchewww!...*wipes sweat off face*



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