#HairCare: Onion Hair Treatment, looool !

See that I am even laughing at myself for this post,

Your hair will so smell like FOODDDD...It is better you get the warning now before proceeding!

Things we do to maintain nappy hair, I never see.
So, I heard somewhere that onions work for growth kinikan kinikan, I decided to try it out ohh!

To be honest, I dunno if it's working yet...Let's give it time, I will do another review.

I just had to share now before I forget (If you have tried this ONE before, biko comment, maybe I can tweak something in my mix because the smelll ehh, "onwe kwa k'odi")

Anyway, I was asked to use Onions, Almond/Olive Oil and Honey for mine.


As I listed above, the three ingredients I used was Onions, Almond Oil and Honey.

I chopped all the onions into the blender!

 Add a little bit of water so that it can blend smoothly.

See the consistency, now transfer into a bowl...

Get any brush that can help you apply it properly into your hair...

 Section your hair (lol, see my hair looking like what I don't even understand, dun judge! :p)

The Shrinkage is REAL family people!...Very real!!


The End.

That's all I did to my hair, I can say for sure that my dandruff reduced...maybe using frequently will help with growth as everything is supposed to be gradual. *shrugs*

Please do share your routine, I'd post them up...(Share! Share!! Share!!!)



  1. Errrmmmm... Is this onion paste meant to help with dandruff or hair growth or both?

    From a "Slowly Balding" Young mankind

  2. Hi "Slowly Balding" Young Mankind, loool..Works for both !!!...


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