#LabalabaFixIt : Repair That Broken Lipstick, TODAY!


That fateful day, I left my makeup purse in the car.

Sun was scorching.

I didn't know it was that intense as we were parked at about 11am when it wasn't so bad.

Got back at 1pm.


My foundation was HOT!

Lipstick? Lol! It had shifted.

I was sad.

I was angry.

"Owo Jona"

Mac mi ooo!!

There's nothing more painful than seeing your lipstick break (esp for lipstick addicts). It feels like a part of you is gone.

Trust me now, I turned philospher that day ..."Nothing is permanent, one of these days...you have to let go of that which you hold close to your heart, it will happen either forcefully or by mistake"...

The Ultimate Solution...

All you need is a lighter, matchsticks, wipes/gloves (to protect your hands) & your freezer (...*chuckles laughter*, Yes! freezer... it needs to cool)


Step 1:

Your workspace should be clean and clear.

Step 2:

It is advisable to get gloves to protect your hands as this will get really messy. Didn't have gloves at the time so I used my hands BUT was careful.

Step 3:

Your broken lipstick should look like this...or even worse, lol!

Step 4:

The main focus is on the base of the broken lipstick.

Step 5:

Grab your lighter, gently melt the base of the broken lipstick.

Step 6:

Fix the top half of the lipstick to the melted base (should still be warm upon placement..just the way you have melted candle)

Step 7:

Use your toothpick or a matchstick to smoothen the point of contact.

Step 8:

Place in the fridge to cool for 30 - 40 mins

Step 9:

Clear the workspace and dispose the gloves.

Step 10

Look!!!... No hands! ...or nah.lol


Good as new!

It'd not be as pretty as it was but it works as good!

Note: if it's someone's lipstick you broke, you better buy a fresh one for the person!=> >=/ *side eye*



  1. This is a really helpful post....got one of my lippies completely ruined (car-sun trouble as well)... I just couldn't be consoled (Lool) ....but thank you this is the first time am seeing this


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