#LabalabaOnTheBeat : Brushes 101 - Know your Brushes!

Ok ladies, let's get down to business.

Before you think of going into makeup artistry or even owning any form of makeup, it is important to have your "go-to " tools. 

Brushes is number ONE!
Your should have must have a personal brush set.

I don't even understand why you shouldn't have one (like seriously?!...lol), I mean, how do you intend applying products on your face without brushes?

Now trying to imagine applying blush with my fingers (....pause). Err, No! Thank you...

That's why I am here for you!

I will put you through the basic brushes you should have in your possession to help with the application of makeup products.

I am not saying these are the only brushes you should have though, but these ones should be your "safety net" when it comes to brushes, you have the option to add more to it.

Now, for this demo, I will be using "Sephora + Pantone Universe Faux Cashmere Brush Set". I got this as a gift from an awesome person a couple of years ago.

It is an 8 piece brush set in gold, the bristles are faux (fake) cashmere. It sure feels like one too AND it is long lasting (I have had it for about 3 years now).

Ok, details of each brush!

Powder Brush
This brush is used in applying any form of powder on your face for an even finish or look.

Angled Brush
This is used in applying blush. It can also be used for highlighting.

Flat Foundation Brush
As the name suggests, it is used in applying foundation (Liquid Foundation).

Eyeshadow Brush
Used in applying Eyeshadow (*rme*, like that isn't self-explanatory)

Concealer Brush
*rme* even more...It is used to apply concealers. -_______-

Smudge Brush
Ok now, this needs an explanation. It is used in blending harsh lines (*now thinking of how best I can explain harsh lines*.)..You know when you apply your eyeshadow, and then you add another color to it...the moment both colors aren't flushed or blended into one another, that VERY obvious demarcation is called a harsh line!...Same applies for foundation, harsh lines ie.

Angled Liner Brush
This is my go-to tool when defining my BROWS!

Crease Brush
This is great for applying dark colors to the outer corner of your eye and blending inwards (in between your brow bone and your lid.ie contouring the eye.

That's all folks!

I believe Zaron (A Nigerian Makeup Brand) has their makeup brush set that's quite handy. Once I can get hold of those, I'd post it up.

Please do not throw away the existing brushes you have o...lool, you can let me know what brands they are in the comment section and I'd look it up for you.


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