#LabalabaMeets: Jaga Beauty!!!!

Let me give you a brief intro of how I met this amazing woman.

During my NYSC programme, I got a random broadcast from a friend saying an assistant MUA was needed at a studio somewhere in Surulere, If you're interested, go to blaa blaa blaa.

At the time, my PPA (Place of Primary Assignment) was at Surulere Local Government so I was like "this might actually work you know", it wasn't like I was doing anything at my PPA anyway.

So, I carried my two toothpick legs to the studio which was a 10 minute walk from my PPA.

Lo and Behold, it was her.

She kept on looking at me like ...I know you..."Are you ******'s sister???"...("my chi" was rolling her eyes like...ohhh God, are we getting into this sister resemblance discussion again?!?).

I replied nicely, "Yes I am". She smiled and said "Oh, I am ****'s wife"...(my chi got into etighi dance mode....osheyy, we got this job already *flips hair*)

And then she goes... "She needs someone fulltime...she'd not be at the studio all the time...someone to man the studio..." long and short of the story, I DID NOT GET THE JOB, lol! (very heartbreaking something)...but I still kept in touch with her.

And she has been totally amazing!

Let's meet JAGA BEAUTY

Real Name: Ngozy Ezeka-Atta

Studio Contact Details: No 59 ITIRE road, adjacent Mobil Petrol station. Surulere, Lagos Tel: 01 454 6729

Describe your brand in a sentence: Jagabeauty specializes in makeup and style and our vision is to bring to every woman’s realization, the fullness of her beauty, outside and within via our services. 

Favourite Food: Oha soup 

Favourite Nigerian Musician: 2face. Mostly because he has stood the test of time in the music industry. (...hi 5!!!)

Most Embarrassing Makeup Job Moment: At one of my early jobs, I allowed the bride's sister tell me what to do. At the end, the bride looks at her face and bursts out in tears! It has never happened again. 

Most Memorable Makeup Moment: The first ever Nigerian Makeup Artist Runway at the Lagos Makeup Fair 2015 (LMUF) . Felt good to be celebrated as an artist.

Most Challenging Makeup Job: that must be my very first make up job ever! My first bride! I knew nothing about makeup then but she just trusted me anyway lol and believe it or not, that challenge gave birth to Jagabeauty. 

If you were locked in a makeup store for five minutes to pick any item of your choice, what would it be and why? : My favorite lipstick! Because when I ain't got time for makeup, my lipstick comes on like wham! Pamp! And I look gorgeous again. 😜

 (This lipstick is giving me life!!!!)

(Amazing look...right??)

Makeup product you CANNOT do without: An eyebrow pencil. 

Most irrelevant makeup trend: Strobbing (you have no idea how much I am confused by the trend!)

Best Makeup Trend: Highlights and Contours (..done moderately of course)

One thing no one knows about you: I love to cook. 

Message for the Old Jaga Beauty: Have a business plan. Get mentors in your field and in the business. 

Beauty Secret/Tip: I don't wear heavy makeup all the time. I let my face breath a lot. 

Advice for Upcoming MUA’s and existing ones: Don't be overly ambitious and don't be impatient with success. You've got to learn to walk before you fly. You must grow so your vision and business does not die prematurely. Make the Holy Spirit your partner, He would lead you and direct you in the way that you should go.

So, there you have it guys!

Hollup...Hollup...we're not done yet!

So I told her I was going to ask her an impromptu question or request...lool!

Here it is!

Can I please have the photo of the VERY first person you worked on?? *covers face*

*Big Grin*

This really is to show that persistence, perseverance, consistency and focus helps you succeed!

For more of her work, follow her on Instagram @JagaBeauty. Website : http://jagabeautystudio.com/

Remain Fabulous!


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