#SkinCare: The Miracle Worker! - Carrot Oil!


It exists!... or well, you can make it come to life, lol!!

Not only does this oil fade off STRETCH MARKS, It lightens your skin as well.

Please Note!

It is gradual!...Very gradual process I must say too. I mean, nothing "great" comes without hardwork ,commitment and dedication.

Started using it a couple of months ago and I will be very frank, I was sceptical about it. I mean, it just sounded weird using carrot oil, like "huhn?! how will this one work now".

Fast forward, late August, I started seeing changes.

Stretch mark was already fading prior to that but I was after "lightening" my skin as that was the sole purpose of the concoction (lol).

I honestly think people just get this whole toning and bleaching thing mixed up (I will talk indepth about this later).

Every girl wants needs to TONE her skin once in a while (skin might be acting up based on several factors such as weather, illness or even skin irritation).

ANYWAYYYYYYYYY, back to the matter.

Carrot oil!!

How to make it at home

Personally, I think any light oil should work fine with it. I mean , any oil that sips deep into your skin upon application (coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, etc)...

DON'T use vegetable or groundnut oil o !! I am not there o *pulling one ear as warning sign*!! before you start looking like one glossy magazine ehen.

So, I use coconut oil for mine, coconut oil has its skin benefits as we all know, I will also write more about the benefits of coconut oil  for your skin in future posts.

Please try your best to buy native coconut oil (the ones you find in local markets - no label, nothing nothing, some even come filled in "EVA" bottles or calabash lol) not processed shelf ones as those ones aren't full of the nutrients the native ones contain.

If you can't get those, ensure the one you are buying is "Virgin Coconut Oil".

Get some carrots too.

  • Grate some carrots into a bowl, it should fill in 1/3 of the bowl
  • Add in the native coconut oil, this should make up for the rest of the bowl; 2/3 of it.
  • Add a tiny bit of Honey (optional)

Leave this mix covered in room temperature for a minimum of 4weeks to ferment!!...YES 4 weeks minimum, the coconut oil should change to a bright orange color.

From day 2 of this mix, you will notice this

By week 4 or more...gehn gehn, baby geh is ready to be filtered (lol, see what i did there?). Colour changes fully to this :

All you need to do is squeeze the carrot out of the coconut oil.

Also Note That

There will be oil and water/juice after you are done squeezing, the juice is even more effective, just make sure you shake well before applying on your skin.





  1. Yes to carrot oil, it smells amazing too

  2. I have a wonderful skin, so I was told, I hardly use any form or type of cream or lotion, I was just told recently, my skin colour will shine better when I get a cream that matches my skin( I'm dark), do I really need any lotion? And what do you really suggest?....PS I'm a dude, lol

  3. I like the way u always take your time to explain everything. calm and collected and the way u ship in joke here and there making one to take note of certain things


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