#AncientBeauty: Indian Healing Clay Mask

You know when you are purchasing an item online and then you see "other people bought..."

That was my very first encounter with this product. I just looked at it like "bleh...what's this one now"...Moving on.

Couple of weeks later, my family friend OFURE uploaded a photo of herself looking so gorgeous (smooth, silky and fineeeee, hian)...(Please note, she's been having acne for a very long time...).... and then she writes "no makeup"...I zoomed in (yes, rere...i did, *bite me* lol)

Her acne had reduced significantly!...I had to ask o, I can't carry last on this miracle!..

"Madam, what did you do??...show us the wayyyyyyy"

Then she said she got a mask from some girl in Lagos, she's been using for a while and it had even finished, she had to substitute with another one she found on Amazon...pretty much the same thing and it worked as good.

"What mask?"

She said, "Google Indian Clay Mask"

Before she even finished typing, my browser was on it!(...looool, talk about efficiency)

Darn! Isn't this the same product that came up when I was buying Apple Cider Vinegar? what's the correlation?

I checked reviews immediately... 5 stars? Ha, this thing must be great o.

(to my sister)
Madam, please can you help me check for/ buy this product? (sends photo)

Response: Oh, I have it. Remind me to send it across when I'm in town.

Sisters are Heaven-sent! lol

And that was how I got this MAGIC!...

I can categorically say it is 4.5 stars!...You see changes DAY 1! yes...DAY 1!...

If you have oily skin, this should be your new best friend!...it controls oil production!

Acne/Pimple? Double Check on reducing the sizes!

Did I mention it has been named the "world's most powerful facial" ??.. Oh yes honey!

I will put you through the steps in making the face mask (...some people use it for other things, hair, bath soak, foot soak, etc. I haven't tried that...YET)

Ingredients Needed
  1. Indian Healing Clay
  2. Apple Cider Vinegar
  3. Honey (Optional)
  4. Turmeric (Optional)
Please Note: Use a PLASTIC spoon or spatula to mix, I'd explain better as we go on. Also note that using water in place of apple cider vinegar makes the mask lumpy and isn't as effective.

Prep your face!

Step 1:
Pour some of the clay into a bowl

Step 2:
Add some Apple Cider Vinegar

Step 3:
The mixture becomes very porous once it comes in contact with the ACV. This makes it give off an electrical negative charge. Toxins stored in your skin have a positive charge by the way. If you took any science related course at any point, you should know that  negative charge(s) attract positive charge(s)....(..science :D)

Step 4:
Please USE your finger or a wooden/plastic spoon to mix. This is because, metal interacts with the charges, displacing it... English is plenty, Metal takes away the "charge" from the clay. Pretty much makes it completely useless and ineffective...lol

Step 5:
I believe this is just customising it to suit you, I added turmeric to mine as Turmeric is an awesome spice, great for the skin ( I will write on turmeric soon and of course, where you can get it.)

Step 6:
Add a tiny bit of turmeric to the mix

Step 7:
Add honey too

Step 8:
First contact with skin. You can build it up - add more till it's thick enough for you (or till you finish the mix)...Your neck should not be left out o!

Step 9:
Few hours later, it starts to dry up like cement...loool

Step 10:
And harder - You can't smile or even laugh at this point as your whole face is sooooo tight, the clay starts to crack even, LEAVE IT! (...this is the perfect time for anyone to ask you for anything, loool)

Step 11:
Let it dry completely, the color of the clay changes to a lighter color..(...just imagine dried up cement, should look like that)

Step 12:
Taking it off will be difficult as you would imagine. After several trials and errors, I found a simple solution to that. Just pour water on it and watch it settle in, it softens the clay, makes it easy to take it off.

Step 13:
Gently, in a circular motion, scrub the clay off your face. GENTLY!

Step 14:
Rinse completely with warm water. Dry up with a towel, (Your face might be a little bit red, that's totally normal, it'd regulate in a couple of minutes). Use your favourite face moisturiser or oil now.

The END!

This isn't me exaggerating, but I had one evil pimple on my cheek before I applied this mask, it's gone now!...osheyyy, Magnetic Force!...Kimoooon!...lol

Where to buy?

I tried checking if it is available in Nigeria, Yup! you can find yourself some from the following stores (online).
  • Jumia
  • Konga
I am not sure what "brick-and-mortar" stores have them. Ask around!...

If you are not in Nigeria, you can check the following:
  • Amazon (...got mine here)
  • Ebay
How often should it be used?

I'd recommend once or twice a week, give your face time to recover, it's quite an aggressive face mask. 

Also, everyone's skin is different. Some people react to the mask immediately (more pimples, drier skin), others don't. The thing with this mask is that it agitates your skin first then clears it all up. 

My sister reacted to it the very first time she used it. I didn't. OFURE definitely didn't react (or so she said, even if she did...she will "gba si ara"), loool.

Please do not hesitate to ask questions should you get stuck, okay?

Remain Fabulous and Blessed!


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