#LabalabaFixIt: Do not feel SAD about your broken compact powder, blush or eyeshadow!

I know I promised to start blogging fully after the launch week * YI - to- the - MU *... 

I just couldn't wait to share all the yummy goodness I've been able to discover these past few days.

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Now, raise your hands if this has happened to you before...

*feeling sexy with yourself, carrying 7 different items at the same time* Powder, Lipstick, Blush, Bottled Water, Car Keys, Scarf, Phone even Shoes...*Catwalks*

Next thing...

*Chikimmm!!...Gbosh!!..  Gbash!!.. Gbom!!...*

One item drops! and like they all planned it, others too...gbosh gbosh gbosh...Hmmnnn, except those that have super-powers to prevent them from dropping , you will just start praying, the deed has been done ..."Dear God, please the bottled water can burst for all I care o, my phone or compact powder should not crack, pleasseeee Lord!"


You want to lie it has not happened to you before ba? *side eye*

If it has never happened to you, you are the real MVP!! *claps*

It has happened to me, severally!...but luckily for me, I can strategically kick some stuffs to safety (I have no idea how I do that!..lol)

Please share your stories if it has happened to you...

Solution Here (as usual)

Fixing your Blush

You will need the following items:
  1. Methylated Spirit (in place of rubbing alcohol)
  2. MatchSticks / Spatula / Spoon 
  3. Serviette / Wipes
Step 1:
Get the materials ready in a clean surface.

Step 2:
Empty the broken blush into the clean surface as you will be using this to grind the blush.

Step 3:
You can use a spoon or a stick or even your hands to crush the blush into a smooth powder.

Step 4: 
Pour the powdered blush back into the container, then add the Methylated Spirit.

Step 5:
Smoothen the mixture into the container

Step 6:
Once it is getting dry, use your finger to smoothen it more...(you will be needing your wipes after this)

Step 7:
2 Hrs Later

Step 8: 
The next morning..... Back as it was!

se finis!...easy eh?

Fixing your Powder

I decided to try it out with my powder. This is by far the craziest thing I think I have done, I BROKE it on purpose for illustrations!

It follows the same format as fixing the blush, thankfully!*sips tea*

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

Step 6:

Step 7:

Step 8:

Step 9:

That's all folks!

My Observations

Compared to the compact powder, the blush dried up better. This happened because I left the powder out in the sun to dry instead of leaving it indoors at room temperature. So, be wary of that.

Also, you are advised to grind the powder into very fine grains instead of being lumpy as seen above.

Use a spoon or spatula to mix properly.

Let's make it a date on Wednesday!!


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