#LabalabaMeets: Yanga Beauty!!!

Whenever you see me write IDOMA princess, this is the second person (...apart from Aj Agaba) that carries the crown ever so gracefully!...

Aside that, her love for God and Family is super amazing.

Met her a couple of years ago when I needed to get hair wigs. 2013 I believe... She took her time to send me videos on how to maintain the hair (...with little children around her making all sorts of noise and her shouting...keep quiet please..LOL)

Then she was competing for the Buntricia Makeup Challenge the following year, I carried the campaign on my head like I was the one competing ..loool, She WON!...which reminds me, where's my share?? *side eye*

Meet my Idoma Princess!

Real Name: 
Jennifer Lisa Uloko

Studio Contact Details: 
15B FATAI IDOWU AROBIEKE STREET, LEKKI PHASE 1 ,LAGOS STATE, NIGERIA. +234(0)9051412214 , www.yangabeauty.com

Describe your brand in a sentence:
An inspiring community where beauty and style connect.

Favourite Food:
Jollof rice (party jollof ooo)

Favourite Nigerian Musician:
Don Jazzy
and then she sends me this (...this their Idoma Kingdom sef!! LMAO!)

Most Embarrassing Makeup Job Moment: 
None that I can recall

Most Memorable Makeup Moment:  
Winning the Buntricia Global makeup competition, it wasn't an easy one but I won.

Most Challenging Makeup Job:
I had a fair lady come in to do her makeup and she had several dark reaction spots, i was dumbfounded because it was my first time, so i had to use all the correctors & concealers layer after layer till it covered up.

If you were locked in a makeup store for five minutes to pick any item of your choice, what would it be and why?  
Bdellium Brushessss, Becca Primer, Revlon foundation, Lime crime lipsticks, La girl products. I always carry a big sized hand bag so everything will fit in + when it comes to free makeup I’m greedy * who wouldn’t biko #lol

Makeup product you CANNOT do without: 
It’s got to be the Sacha Butter cup powder, the best discovery (…bye bye BEN NYE Banana Powder…*side eye*)

Most irrelevant makeup trend: 
Strobing - Honestly its annoying, they just gave bronzers and highlighters a new name just to sell market *mchewwwww*

Best Makeup trend: 
Highlighting and Lowlighting (best makeup secret) thank God for Kim K. It's magical, you can temporarily reduce the size of a lip, nose, cheek etc. Even reduce certain features from round to oval face...(wonders I tell you!...wonders!)

One thing no one knows about you:
 I can fly....(see this one, lmao)

Message for the Old You (your brand):  
Thank God for small steps, we are jogging now & we can’t wait to fly non-stop.

Beauty Secret/Tip:
Becca primer & Black opal cream foundation is the isssh, apply with a precision flat top brush or stipple brush then use a beauty blender for an Hi-definition look and the great thing about this foundation is that it has great coverage so you don’t need to correct or conceal so much depending on the skin condition.

Advise for Upcoming MUA’s and existing ones: 
As you have made up your mind to thread this part, make sure you back up your decision with great determination, discipline and be diligent. When you feel overwhelmed & you feel like quitting, please take a break, go back to the drawing board and set your mind on your vision, mission, success, significance & Trust GOD!

Don’t forget the 4 D'S
  • Decide 
  • Determine
  • Disciplined
  • Diligent.
I learnt this from the book of Daniel and how he was a great role model

Thank you PurpleLabalaba, you are such an amazing lady & I'm grateful for this. (...blushing like a new bride!...)
Her work in pictures.

Impromptu Request:

I wanted to document her threading brows, I'd have a different post entirely on that (...she's one of the BEST out there, believe me!)

Here's what she had to write about her brand

About Yanga Beauty

Yanga Beauty is an online beauty retailer that provides one-stop shopping destination for mass and prestige beauty products.
We also offer professional beauty services at our studio ( YangaBeauty Studio) 
We understand your frustration in finding theses beauty brands and we are here to solve them by offering unique combination of High-end and mass beauty products across the categories of Makeup, fragrance, hair care, skincare, fashion & Ankara jewelry designs, beauty accessories, bath and body products, hairstyling tools and hair-care products, delivering them to your doorstep & office flawlessly.
Our company is built on the belief that our customers' needs are of utmost importance and our entire team is devoted to meeting your needs, offering fast delivery services to you.

Our Vision- Change is dynamic in the beauty & fashion world, but our commitment to make customers satisfied doesn't.
Our Mission- Becoming the preferred shopping destination for customers by providing quality products, services and value for your money.

Yanga Beauty Values;
·          The management & staff of Yanga Beauty are committed to satisfying every customer.
·          Honesty is being fair and truthful with the decisions we make and actions we take every day to our representatives, customers, colleagues and ourselves in the communities we serve.
·         Through Respect, we help bring out the best of each person by valuing our differences, appreciating each other, customers and staff for our unique qualities.
·         Passion- Passion helps the management and staff of Yanga Beauty work hard in our daily activities to achieve other values.

Love always,

Yanga Beauty(...Where Beauty & Style Connect...)

More grease to your elbow!

If you're in or around Lekki Phase 1, find your way to her store...who knows, a discount might be awaiting you from PurpleLabalaba *wink*

Have a fabulous day pretty ones!


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