#LabalabaOnTheBeat: Brows 101 - Easy Peasy Steps...

Eyebrows Tutorial, FINALLY!...Can someone say Amen??..it's been a LONG time coming yo!

I've been teasing my BBM contacts for some days now... I think it's time to let the cat out of the bag... Whoop Whoop!. I am super pumped up!!

All ye eyebrows struggles! We shall put an END to it today!

See, I've really had enough. You see all sorts of brows...ALL SORTS!...from those looking like ram horns to those that look like Nike logo. You name it, I've seen it!.

It is so exhausting! If you don't know how to do it, ask someone...I am sure they can help. In short, there's no need asking, this post will be here for a while!

This is how people with funny brows make me feel whenever I see them...lol

I am not saying I am perfect before some of you start giving me the side-eye...*rme*... BUT here's the technique!...

Believe you me - after practising 3-5 times, you'd know which suits you and be perfect at it!

And your brows best be on FLEEK before Christmas! *big grin*

Oh!.. those that tattoo their brows or shave half of the brows...See eh... *sigh* I shall attend to you later, we need to have a sit down on this matter so you can help me understand why...*straight face* I am actually serious.

Here's the simple technique, watch closely!!!..(if you get stuck, scroll up...ok?)

Tools Needed

  1. Brow Pencil 
  2. Angled Brush
  3. Brow Brush / Mascara Wand / Old Toothbrush
  4. Foundation

Except it's for a magazine editorial or you are trying to make a statement, BLACK pencils shouldn't cross your mind. AT ALL!

On myself, I'd use the "Dark Brown" brow pencil from H&M.

I have also used Jordana in the shade "06 Dark Brown", Davis (...the N50 one) in the shade "018"(perfect shade for me) and "003" (slightly dark for me) as well as Zaron's brow definer.

Some people use MAC brow pencils (common ones include stud, spiked, fling & brunette ) as well as Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Kit.

Whichever you can get your hands on, it's still the same technique.


Step 1:
Using your Brow Brush / Mascara Wand / Old Toothbrush, brush your brows properly. It'd help you see any unwanted new hair growth.

Step 2:
Using a blade or tweezers, remove the new hair growing away from your usual brow shape.

Step 3:
Start from the BASE of your brows. Draw an arched line following your brows.

Step 4:
Now to the top of your brows, draw another line connecting the previous one at the end. As seen below, there should be an obvious unshaded part of your brows.

Step 5:
Fill  2/3 through the unshaded part of your brows, leaving the part closest to the bridge of your nose still unshaded.

Step 6:
Using your Brow Brush / Mascara Wand / Old Toothbrush, gently fade out the unshaded part of your brows into the shaded part. This makes your brows appear more natural as opposed painting all over.

How to measure where your brows are meant to start, arch and end.

i. Placing your pencil by the bridge of your nose, THIS IS WHERE YOUR BROWS SHOULD START FROM.

ii. Turn 45 degrees to the right (or left..depending on which side you are working on) THIS IS THE POINT WHERE YOUR BROWS SHOULD ARCH ..(brow bone to be specific)

iii. 60 degrees..and the same level as the outer corner of your eye. THIS IS THE POINT IT SHOULD END!

OK???...Now measure before proceeding!

Step 7:
Get your favourite foundation...Please debunk this method of using a concealer lighter to clean up your brows, that makes it very obvious that you used an off-product on your face most especially if you are not so good at blending. 

Using your normal shade of foundation in cleaning your brows makes it look natural as it blends with your face. 

Get your angled brush...I wrote about angle brushes here.

Step 8:
Starting with the base of your brows, gently trace it out with the foundation.

Step 9:
Do same for the top of your brows. This is the point you decide if you want your brows looking thick, thin or in-between.

Step 10:
Now blend the foundation into your skin properly, (you can either use your finger or you do it with the angled brush..making sure it's away from your new brows...)

After which, you can apply foundation all over your face as you normally would.

Repeat the same step for the other brow.

Final LOOK!


I hope this helped someone (or a group of people) out there.

I am almost too certain I'd do an updated eyebrow routine soon.

Now, go forth and be great with your brows!


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