LeStruggle...Winged Eyeliner + 9 Awesome Ways of Rocking It!

Yaaaayyyy!!... It was so exciting shooting this. 

When creative juices start flowing, you really can't stop it you know. To make it even more relaxing, I was listening to "Adele - Hello" throughout (on REPEAT). Amazing song.

Ok, let's get straight to work. I'd be teaching you how to get the conventional winged liner from scratch to end. 

In addition, I will be showing you 9 awesome ways of rocking it! YES! N-I-N-E! :D

I will be using "Sleek DIP IT eyeliner" for all the looks. There are other liners you can use such as gel liners or pen liners.

Whichever eyeliner you have, don't dispose of it oh!...Just keep practicing with it.

I like this particular liner because it's easy to hold when applying. Long handle, short liner brush.

It even became easier to apply after I diluted it with eyedrops, want to learn how to? click here

Step 1:
Start from the middle of your eye, make sure it's close to your eyelashes! Make it as straight and smooth as possible. Work your way to the inner corner of your eyes then the outer corner of your eye. 

Step 2:
Your liner should look like this now (the liner I am using dries up really fast).

Step 3:
You can either wait for the liner to dry up completely while working on your other eye or just continue. It is advisable to work on the second eye, helps you gauge both eyes ensuring it is symmetrical.

Step 4:
Using the liner brush, measure a couple of inches away from your eye. It is dependent on the length of winged liner you are trying to achieve. Ensure it's symmetrical with the shape of the inner corner of your eye.

Step 5:
Now, draw a straight line.

Step 6:
Using the end of the line you've drawn, connect it to the dried up eyeliner forming a triangle. At this point, paint the centre of the triangle. Voila!

You are not expected to be a pro on your first try (Lord knows how many times I tried, still not so perfect at it), KEEP PRACTISING. 

"May the wings of our liners be Perfect" - Unknown Proverb (loll... I think I just made that up. loool!)

9 Awesome Looks Using the Eyeliner

Decided to play around with the eyeliner to achieve these looks. It is NOT limited to these!...There are so many others!

By the way, real lashes people!...:D... those are realllllllll... loool!.. show off!..*tongue out*. Peep my brows too, you can learn how to perfect yours here

Unwinged Short Liner Look:
Same as the illustration above. Simple and Chic.

Short-winged Liner Look:
Just create a tiny line on the outer corner of your eye.

Long-winged Liner Look:
The illustration above is a long-winged liner look.

Arabian Long-winged Liner Look:
You should focus on the inner corner of your eyes now. Draw a pointed line on the inner corner of the eye, this creates the illusion of longer eyes.

Double-tailed Arabian Winged Liner Look:
Same as above but adding another line on the bottom part of your eyes.

Colored Double-tailed Arabian Winged Liner Look:
Play around with your eyeshadow here!...Add colors on the double winged liner...

Dramatic Liner Look:
Using your long-winged liner, draw an arch connecting the crease of your eye. Leaving the centre unshaded.

Colored Dramatic Liner Look:
Add as many colors as possible in the centre of the dramatic liner look. Blend it properly!..lol

Smokey Dramatic Liner Look:
I covered up the look above with black eyeshadow. Ensure you blend properly people!

Colored Smokey Dramatic Liner Look:
So my eyes do not look dull, I added a pop of color on the bottom part of my eyes (water line)

Colored Short Liner Look:
If you don't want any full smokey eye but you want your pop of color, you can try these out!..Use any color of your choice!

Don't limit yourself!...Try with as many products as possible. Play around with colors!! Use your eyeshadow, use your colored liners, use everything you can find!..loool...

"You must see something artistic in every mistake you make in Art"

Do share your looks, can't wait to try them out as well!

Go on people! Let your eyes do most of the talking!


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