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Hi Darlings!!!

I must confess, Linda Ikeji just motivated me by 101%...Consistency is KEY!...I am so inspired by her story ...Big Congrats to her!

(I better take this blogging serious, who knows...Bill Gates might be my neighbor...loool)

Back to the matter.

I was asked a couple of days ago by a friend on how best to get OMBRE lips. If you don't know what that means...

Ombre is a gradual blending of one color hue to another. It could be from light-to-dark or dark-to-light. It all depends on your lip shape.

If you have full lips, I'd advise you go from dark-to-light to give the illusion of smaller lips. If you have smaller lips, I'd advise you go from light-to-dark to give the illusion of fuller lips.

It's all about tweaking it to suit you really...

That's the Kylie Jenner lip trick ORRRR what she made everyone think she did to her lips (.. using just makeup) but thank GOD she's admitted she uses fillers...

Steps to achieving Ombre Lips

Step 1: Get your favourite lipsticks/lip pencils. I used Mac "Heroine" Lip Pencil and "Up the Amp" Lipstick.

Step 2: Line the outer part of your lips with the darker lipstick or lip pencil, In this case, "Heroine" is darker than "Up the Amp" , so I used Heroine first.

Step 3: Use the lighter color to the centre of your lips.

Step 4: Pat your lips together to blend the colors properly

You can decide to leave your lips this way BUT...(I get easily bored with the conventional ombre lips)

So I decided to turn it MATTE! Yess!!!.... Additional tutorial, just for you...

How to achieve MATTE ombre lips!

Step 5: Get any powder of your choice. ( I am using Ben Nye Banana Powder)

Step 6: Using your finger, dab some of the powder on your lips. Ensure it's done evenly. Don't fret if it looks messy now, you'd learn how to clean it up nicely in the next step.

Step 7: Pat your lips together thoroughly, The powder should be absorbed by the lipstick.

Voila!... Matte Ombre Lips... That'd last for hours without you touching up!...:D

You can play around with as many lip colors as you want, just make sure the colors blend...

I tried with two lipsticks as well. MAC "Ruby Woo" and "Lady Danger". 

Same steps as above!... Check on it!

I used Mac "Ruby Woo" for the outer part of my lips.

And Mac "Lady Danger" for the centre of my lips.


Here's a trick Nendel taught me. If you have applied a lot of lipstick that it starts to stain your teeth, just stick your thumb in your mouth and twist it to clean the excess lipstick. 

Some people use  makeup tissue to clean off, that works fine as well but I find this method easier and more precise.


If you've got a wedding today or any event, hope this helps you...No need reaching out for your lipstick every 2hrs..lol!

Have a fabulous day lovies!!...


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