#LabalabaOnTheBeat: Proper way to clean makeup brushes.

"By their brushes, you shall know them... the dirty ones and the clean ones..." - PurpleLabalaba, 2015

Pimples? Acne? Skin Irritation? all on your face? ...and you keep wondering, "Na only me waaaaka come?"


Have you been trying several things on your face to clear acne/pimples and it's still not working?

It might be your brush(es) accumulating bacteria you know... but then you keep using...over and over and OVER again...*pulls your ear* don't you know it needs to be cleaned over and over and over AGAIN?!

Bacteria hanging on to brushes cause pimples and skin irritation!!!...don't believe me? ...Google is still your friend! 

Stop using other people's brushes!!

Also, don't let any makeup artist use the same brush s(he)'s used on another person on you...for hygiene purposes, tell her (or him) nicely that you'd rather use yours. I am sure she will not take offence, most MUAs are sweet like that (..lol). 

I will always advise people to have their personal brushes..(...Brushes 101... just incase you are confused on what brushes you should have.)

Now, I'd like to put my friend on blast..."You know yourself"...loool, sorry baby... I loveeee youuu!

I can bet that if I put her brush in water, what will come out of it is enough to apply full foundation on someone else and still have remainder.... The foundation brush was sooooooo thick and creamy, hian...baby geh, how far?

Her response?

"Oh, God... this thing is long mayne...shebi I am the only one using it!"

Alot of you have said this same statement...to yourself and others.

I don't even get it, could it be laziness? 

Or people naturally just can't be bothered.

How I Clean Mine!
Items Needed
  1. Your favourite body wash / face wash
  2. Apple Cider Vinegar
  3. Methylated Spirit
  4. Water
  5. Dirty Brushes
Ps: I cleaned my brushes prior to this post but forgot to take pictures of it, I'd just repeat the process..(just incase you are wondering why I am cleaning clean brushes...)

Step 1:
Get the items ready.

Step 2:
Add a few drops of Methylated Spirit in the bowl of water...(alcohol kills 99% of bacteria.)

Step 3:
Optional - Add Apple Cider Vinegar to the water (...these ones don't know what is coming for them!!)...it's a great disinfectant!

Step 4:
Add your body wash / face wash... ( Please do not use hair SHAMPOO!...Yes! you..I am talking to you). Using a liquid soap makes it easier to soak the brushes.

Step 5:
Place the brushes face down. This is quite an important step, you are trying to avoid water running down the handle (water will loosen up the glue attaching the handle to the brush).

Step 6:
I left the brushes soaked for about 3-4 hours...To be honest, I think I forgot it and left it soaked longer (..lol). Gently squeeze the bristles of the brushes ...( the water should have changed in color at this point).

Step 7:
Rinse with warm water and squeeze out the excess water.

Step 8:
Spread a towel and airdry the brushes...(it's preferable better you leave out in the sun , dries faster)

Step 9:
*now singing*...Back to Life, Back to Reality...

How often should you clean the brushes?

I'd recommend monthly. It is dependent on the frequency at which you use it anyway. If you hardly use your brushes, you can leave it longer before cleaning but once you notice it's getting dirty, clean it up.

Hope this helps someone out there.

I believe our next date is on Saturday (...it'd b a funny one!!)

Remain Fabulous!


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