Struggling with your Gele-Tying Skills? Get in Here!

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I'd be teaching you how to tie GELE today!!!!

I had the pleasure of collaborating with my sweet sister on this one! As a matter of fact, I had to borrow her this morning to get this done. lol!

If there's one thing I have noticed, "Gele-tying" changes the look of almost anyone!...ANYONE! makes you feel somewhat regal, like a queen to say the least.

People often find it difficult doing this themselves as they feel it's by some miracle that some people are able to create such amazing styles with the simple hard fabric. 

I will be taking you through step by step on how to achieve this!

If you're lost on what Gele is, "It is a head scarf used as an ornamental head covering, usually for functions or events and it is predominantly used in Nigeria or by Nigerians"


Step 1:
Straighten your Gele ( in my case, I am using an Old gele, your gele is expected to be straight out of the carrier bag or paper bag)

Step 2:
Fold the gele in form of a fan... (you can practice this with ordinary paper before trying out on gele)

Step 3:
Keep folding. It is dependent on how small you want your gele, but I folded mine 6 times.

Step 4:
Place on your head, ensuring you have equal parts at the tail end. 

Step 5:
Starting with one tail's end, cross it over to the other tail end (so you have two tails at one end)

Step 6:
Now moving over to the second tail, cross it over the first one you moved (please ensure you are folding it as you are crossing it over)

Step 7:
At this point, you should have the two tails on the opposite ends, (shorter tails ofcourse) ready to be knotted.

Step 8:
Knot the ends now. You can knot as many times as you can, if your gele is like mine, you can only knot twice

Step 9:
Don't fret if the front looks funny (remember we folded as we started?)... Keep calm, I gat you!*winks*

Step 10:
Now, gradually fold the part covering your forehead away from you to reveal the layered part.

Step 11:
Try as much as possible to fold it neatly to follow the layered part (looks like a continuation of the layered part)

Step 12:
Gently push your head forward while holding down the BASE of the gele to reveal a tiny bit of your hair.

Voila!!!... You are DONE!...

More photos showing the final look.

Like I always say "You can get better at just about anything if you keep practicing"... Try over and over till you get it right!..If you get stuck, scroll up!


Whoop!...The blog will be a month old on the 1st of November (which also happens to be my birthday month!!!)...and we have had over 5,000 page views!..(Unbelievable right??, was shocked too! lol)...Thank you alllll so much! Keep viewing, sharing and of course, contribute!, I'd like to learn too!

Soooooo, a giveaway is almost inevitable! lol...I will be posting the giveaway on Wednesday!!!... SUPER EXCITED!...Make sure you participate!

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