#LabalabaOnTheMove: Beauty Africa Exhibition & Conferences 2015.

I think the mistake I made was not informing everyone about this conference before now. So so so so sad, a lot of people missed out on CRAZYYYYYYYY discounts on products!

It was a 3-day expo and conference from the 7th - 9th of October at Eko Hotels.

Apart from Nigerians trying to turn everything into an event (red carpet, backdrops and ....wait for it!!...photoshoot), it was a great insightful conference, gathering aestheticians, therapists, beauty gurus, nail technicians, dentists etc. all in ONE place!

I couldn't attend the first two days as I was down with Malaria, I forced myself to attend the last conference after feeling sad I missed Mamza Beauty's makeup class as well as Bimpe Onakoya's makeup class at the first and second day respectively.
Thinking by some miracle, I'd be able to attend Banke Meshida's class (the final day), I missed that too.

If you don't know who they are, now is the best time to check google...I am waiting...*side eye*

Anyway, the "black man blood in me" refused!, I kept on saying to myself "you have to document and blog about this conference so that next year, when it happens again, a lot of people will have the opportunity to attend".

And so, I did!...

Speak positivity into your life always guys, Always!!!...Sickness couldn't hold me down...

I am not sure if it was the Malaria playing tricks on me or the whole place was so full and I was getting nauseous and dizzy. To add salt to injury, I got lost at some point.

I am typing too much, I hope you understand from the images you are about to see!


So, while I was walking around, came across this very pretty lady. She looked soooo familiar, I was trying to crack my brain...Yeah!!...Freda Francisssss... owner of Oasis Spa in Ikoyi...(rumoured to be dating Iyanya...btw, I saw him towards the end of the event!...talk about boo-support!...hi5!)

Her look was priceless, so glad I captured it.. the last photo, I asked her to pose...*quickly grabbing her sun glasses...*

Away the butterfly goes...

I got lost AGAIN!... This time, Guess who I saw????? BANKE MESHIDAAAAA!...I shall start saving down, she must make me up for something, lol!

Selfie was inevitable!

She was really sweet, asked what camera I use..(how much it costs)... In case she's reading this, it's the CANON M3 Mirrorless Camera. 

Sometimes, getting lost is great!..lmao

Then, I came across this stand, was just very curious!...what is he doing???

The lady looked scared.lol.

It was pretty full!!...The turn out was amazing from reviews!

The conference section.


Stopped by Dabota Cosmetics too, really pleasant lady! We spoke for a bit ...I might be reviewing some of her products soon...and maybe a giveaway?... watch out!

Thank goodness!
It's all over!!!

Thank you Eko Hotels!... Amazing Event Centre!!!

Remain Fabulous and Blessed!


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