#GiveAway - Yaay!... it's November!

It's my birthday month and I am super super super excited!!!!!!

Also, the blog is a month and 3 days old today!...Page views as at this morning is 5400. (yup!...surpassed my target for the first month *big grin*)

Please continue to spread the word, I really appreciate it!

In gratitude, I have decided to do a giveaway!!!

One makeup tool I know alot of people want need....lool..

To participate, 

  • Follow @PurpleLabalaba on Instagram (if you are on instagram)
  • Follow @iPurpleLabalaba on Twitter
  • Tag 4 (just four) friends to follow the accounts above

The Task
Out of the 31/32 piece brush sets, I'd be picking about 6 of them. Your job is to tell me what brushes/tools they are and what they are used for!






Simple!... That's ALL!...If you need a clue, you know what to do, LOL!

Email your answers to me : purplelabalaba@gmail.com

Let's make this fun!

May the odds be in your favour!!!

Winner to be announced soon..(no set date yet)


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