Highlight and Contour like a Pro by Christine Signatures!

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I met and teamed up with professional makeup artist Christine Signatures during the week.

She'd be giving a step to step tutorial on how to achieve a flawless contoured face.

It was fun all the way from start to end. Luckily, her friend (Tonia...hiii, if you are reading this!) was at the studio to get her makeup done for a shoot.

Please note, I didnt include the brow (I have one here already) and eyeshadow tutorial, the main focus is on Highlighting and Contouring.

Highlighting and Contouring is a makeup technique used in structuring the face, showing off cheekbones as well as creating the illusion of a slimmer face.


Tools Used

  1. LA Girl pro concealer in the shade FAWN for highlighting
  2. BlackUp Stick Concealer in shade 03 for contouring
  3. BlackUp foundation in the shade 09
  4. Ben Nye Banana Powder
  5. Sleek Contour Kit in Medium

Step 1
Prep the face with a face primer in this case, she used Milk of Magnesia

Step 2
Using LA Girl pro concealer in the shade FAWN, create a reverse triangle under your eye.

Step 3
Blend it out immediately spreading properly touching your cheekbones. Repeat same step for second undereye.

Step 4
Place some of the concealer on the bridge of your noise to create the illusion of a slimmer nose. Also work your way to your forehead spreading the concealer in form of a fan.

Step 5
Blend your nose and forehead with a brush or a makeup sponge.

Step 6
It should look this way after blending, No harsh lines should be so visible.

Step 7
Using BlackUp Stick Concealer in shade 03, mark the hallows of your cheeks that you intend shading.

Step 8
Create the number 3 and letter E for your left and right cheek respectively to contour.

Step 9
Blend with a makeup sponge or brush. Ensure you have ZERO harsh lines!

Step 10
Using the Ben Nye Banana Setting Powder, set your undereye concealer (the highlighted part of your face)

Step 11
Blend in the banana powder properly with a fan brush.

Step 12
Going back into your sleek contour kit, further define your cheekbones , jaw and nose with the darker shade of the contour kit. remember where you used the BlackUp Stick Concealer in shade 03? That is the contoured part of your face.

The light part of the kit is for highlighting. When you are done contouring, use the lighter part to highlight your face (your forehead, cupid bow, apples of your cheeks working your way backwards your ear)

Step 13
Add your blush.

Step 14
Pretty much Done!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, I will be having an updated one for those that do not understand still (with drugstore products)

Have a fabulous day!


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