#LabalabaOnTheBeat: Purple Eyeshadow Tutorial

Hi Loviesssss!!!!!

I am pretty sure from the post title, you can tell what we'd be doing today!

Eyeshadow tutorials!

I'd do this in the form of a series and collaborate with other people in bringing several looks here for you all to learn from.

I think it is easier seeing photos than watching videos. I intend taking my time showing you all how to get things done step by step.

My sister has been asking me for Lord knows how long for a tutorial on eyeshadow application. Hope you love it!...


First things first. It is better to start your makeup with your eye look as some eyeshadow powder will drop on your face. It makes application of foundation cleaner or neater. 

Some people start with foundation application and all that before proceeding to eye look. I usually do it the other way around, I get my eye look going before I apply any form of foundation. 

Most times, I prep my face with "Milk of Magnesia" while I work on my eyes. This is what Milk of Magnesia looks like. I will write briefly on it. 

It is actually a laxative but it's great for controlling oil production on your face most especially for those with oily skin like mine. 

What I have noticed however is that, it is better to dilute the milk of magnesia for a neater look. 

When I got it initially, I was using it the way it was. I noticed my face was white, it was also dificult applying foundation. As it was about to finish, I just decided to add water to it. It became wayyyyy better whenever I use. 

So, my advise will be to dilute with water before applying on your face.

Back to the eyeshadow tutorial.

I'd be using Zaron's eyeshadow in the color "Show Stopper" for the look as well as House of Tara's powder palette for contouring.

Step 1:
Prepare your eyes!...I have done an eyebrow tutorial before now so I'd skip that part. I am using Mac's Prep and Prim eyeshadow primer. You can use Vaseline as well. I wrote on that here.

Apply a tiny bit with your finger, spreading across your eyes.

Step 2:
Going in with the darkest shade of House of Tara's powder palette, contour your crease. This gives you the perfect separation between your brow bone and your eyelid. It also gives the illusion of structured eyes as well as your eyeshadow workspace demarcation. 

If you have any powder that is darker or lighter than your normal skin tone, DO NOT THROW IT AWAY!....It's perfect for contouring and highlighting. 

Step 3:
Moving on to your Zaron palette in Show Stopper, Use the lightest shade, the bottom right shade, apply to your brow bone highlighting it.

Step 4:
As shown below, pick your favorite color. Here, I'd be using the purple one. Please note that they are highly pigmented. Apply gradually!

Starting from the inner corner of your eye, work your way to 2/3 of your eyelid. Repeat the process till you get the exact shade you want. Ensure it is directly under the "contoured" part.

Step 5:
Moving to the darkest color in the palette, apply it to the remaining 1/3 of your eyelid. Build it up gradually and ensure you BLEND!...That's the secret, BLENDING!... Keep going back and forth till you notice no harsh lines (obvious line when you apply two different eye shadows)

See what I mean by blending? You can't tell where each eyeshadow ended, looks all flushed into each other.

Step 6:
Now, getting your liquid eyeliner or any liner you choose to use (Incase you don't know how to use it, I wrote about that here)

Step 7:
Apply your Mascara, I use Rimmel's Day 2 Night mascara...Awesome I tell you!

Step 8:
For my waterline, I will be using Jordana's pencil in Navy.

The easiest way to apply eye pencil is to use one hand to pull the lower part of your eyes down so you can see the exact line you need to apply the pencil. It is neater that way. Don't be scared it'd hurt your eyes as you are not applying it anywhere close to your eyes. It is just the skin below.

Step 9:
If you have false lashes, you can use it. If you do not have, you are good to go!


Repeat same steps for your other eye.


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