#LabalabaOnTheBeat: Voluminous Lashes in 30 secs! Literally!

It has been an eventful week for me. I got so overwhelmed by all of the activities (both good and not so good...still thankful either way) and started panicking on what to upload. 

I mean, something people will eventually go back to their makeup kit or purses to try out.

I must say, the feedbacks I have been receiving have been quite encouraging. Those that don't say, but you see something different about their makeup. 

Thank you!

One of my favorite makeup product/tools has got to be MASCARAS! This thing has a way making you look fierce without trying too hard. 

It brings out the Beyonce in me *flips hair*...LMAO, if you yimu EH...I will find you and wooze you slap... *sets backhand*

Now thinking hard to myself, "How can one achieve voluminous lashes without having to fix false lashes??"

Sometimes, most times actually...Fixing false lashes can be very costly *insert Benin pidgin English tone here* e too dare...lolll

I mean, if you kuku have Mascara, can't you just "ep" yourself?? Hian, this life is full of wahala. 

Anyway, research mode started on how to achieve voluminous lashes and I came across the most helpful tried and tested method of achieving them!!

And I decided to share with you, awesometastic humans!!!... that's why I am here for you...lol

Tools Needed
  1. Mascara
  2. Q-tip or cotton buds
  3. Loose Powder


Step 1
Prep your lashes making sure it's squeaky clean for mascara application.

Step 2
Apply your first coat of Mascara.

Step 3
Depending on the type of mascara wand(or brush) you have, you might achieve a different look from mine but that's totally ok. So far it works, lol!. 

Please let it dry up for 30 seconds!!!

Step 4
Get a cotton bud or q-tip and loose powder (you can use any powder!baby powder inclusive.)

Step 5
Gently scoop some powder on the cotton bud and apply to your lashes. It's OK if it looks slightly messy, you can clean up afterward.

Step 6
Apply the second coat of mascara on the "powdered lashes".

 Step 7
Repeat the same steps for your lower lashes.

Final Look!

You should know I mean business with Christmas this year, everyone I know must look on fleekkkk!!...Next post will be on eyeshadow application for my beautiful sisteys out there!

*now playing and on REPEAT* Tekno - Duro!

Stay positively fabulous!!


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