#SkinCare: Banana Peel Face mask...or Face Rub?..lol.

This will be a very quick tutorial.

Banana apparently has been a beauty secret for a very long time.

While researching, I found a couple of face masks using banana but this seems to be the easiest fastest. I'd post others as time goes by definitely.

This paricular rub is great for tightening your skin, shrinking the appearance of pimples or acne.

The only ingredient needed is BANANA...duh!


Please understand that these things take a while for you to note the difference, just be consistent.

Step 1:
Grab a ripe banana. The darker the patches on a banana, the riper it is. Even more effective when it's riper.

 Step 2:
Peel the banana..lol...*smh* I don't understand why I am explaining this, The pictures are actually self-explanatory.

Step 3:
This is the most important thing you need. The banana peel.

Step 4:
In sections, rub the peel all over your face. If you notice there's no juice, pick another peel. Just ensure you use all over your face.

Step 5:
Leave it on for 45mins. Rinse off with lukewarm water.

That's all.

Fast right? LOL, figured!

Do share your banana recipes too!


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