#SkinCare - Coffee and Oatmeal Face Mask

Hello Darlings,

I got an email to try out this recipe some days ago. "It's great for reviving dead or dull looking skin and improves blood circulation something something something..."

Thanks babe!, I did get your email!... and of course, couldn't wait to try it out.

I LIKE LOVE COFFEE!....The smell is intoxicating!... It takes me to another planet for a couple of seconds just by sniffing it. It is really amazing so you can imagine the gladness I felt in my heart to try it out on my skin too.

Overtime and with consistent use, I'd be able to give an update on how effective this mask is but for now, I decided to share the same recipe with you all. 

Ingredients Needed
  • Oats
  • Coffee
  • Honey
  • Camwood (totally optional)


Step 1:
Add a teaspoon of oats and camwood to a clean bowl

Step 2:
Add in the coffee (I emptied the whole sachet of coffee, that's equivalent to a teaspoonful)

Step 3:
Add the Honey

Step 4:
Make sure the consistency of the mix isn't too thick or too light. Should be in-between!

Step 5:
Prep your face (remove all form of makeup)

Step 6:
In a circular and precise motion, apply the mask on your face leaving it for 30-45 mins.

Step 7:
Wash and Towel Dry (pat you face when drying, don't rub).

I think that's about it.


  1. It smells so good! If you like coffee, lol... you better control yourself. You will be tempted to taste it!..loool
  2. During application, my skin tightened for a minute (Now, here's the thing...dunno if that's just my brain messing with me OR it actually tightened)
  3. After washing off, my face felt good. As a matter of fact, I can confirm my pores opened up more because more oils appeared on my face few minutes after washing off.
It is a good face mask but it takes patience and consistency to see the results!

Someone out there should try this too, your reaction might differ from mine. Do let me know and share your experience(s)

PS - My skin isn't in a perfect place yet, I enjoy trying out different things (natural products too) to see which one works well on me. I am also learning from other people!...Just felt like letting everyone know that. lol, Incase you see me outside...I still look good anyway *flips hair*, LOL. Kidding!.

Remain Fabulous!


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