Who would have thought? The EIGHT awesome uses of Vaseline...

This N120 (clearly written by the seller *rme* lol) goodness has been a beauty secret for years! One moment I want to write on it, the next moment, something else springs up. 

I am so glad I am writing on it finally!!

As much as this is seen as a "baby cream", you'd be amazed to find out what it does for you as an adult.

I will be listing and demonstrating eight uses of Vaseline. If you know more, please do share...I'd like to try all!!...

Have I told you how much I love the smell too?...smells like new babies and candy please don't ask me JAMB question, I am pretty sure most people know the scent babies have.lol

Let's just go straight to the point as it might be a long one!.


Teeth Protector
If you seen Beyonce's Pretty Hurts video, there was a scene she was rubbing her teeth while in the dressing room with other contestants, she was applying petroleum jelly. 

Trust me, once you do this, you need not bother yourself about lipstick stains on your teeth. I mean, it can be very annoying when someone points it out...ugh!!. Now, you can smile with zero worries girl!

Please note! Petroleum Jelly is minimally toxic when ingested. I am not expecting y'all to lick this jelly o, lol*pulls ears* Just use as directed. :D

Step 1:
Take a tiny bit of vaseline.

Step 2:
Rub a little on you teeth.

Step 3:
Purrrrfect Smile!!!...You need not worry about ANYTHING!.

Perfume Holder
If you want your perfume lasting long on your skin, your best bet is applying vaseline on the spots before you spray in the perfume, it retains the smell for a LOoONG time!

Step 1:
Grab a tiny bit of vaseline.

Step 2:
Wherever you usually apply perfume (wrist, behind the ears, neck), rub in some vaseline.

Side Note: A trick I learnt from a friend. Spray some perfume on the palm of your hand, that way, when you shake people, they tend to leave with your scent. Nice Innit?

Step 3:
Spray the perfume directly on the spot you put in the vaseline. My favourite perfume at the moment is Aerin's Rose De Grasse. Perfume for Future Champions!LOL!

 Lip Scrub
If you are looking for a homemade exfoliating and moisturising lip scrub, Vaseline and Brown or white Sugar should be your new buddy! Trust me, this is the best lip scrub you can possibly make yourself and at NO cost!... Ingredients all in your house!

The sugar removes dead skin while the Vaseline soothes it as well as moisturise it.

Step 1:
Get a pinch of sugar (Brown or White)

 Step 2:
Add a tiny bit of vaseline to the brown sugar. Mix both properly and finely.

Step 3:
Apply on your lips, scrubbing gently. I will not even lie, I licked some, lol but NO! do not lick it! *side eye*

Step 4:
Get your wipes, clean off the sugar. Lips will be fresh like juice... Kissable Lipsssss...LOL

Eyelash Extender
This was a trick I found totally weird. I mean, how does this work. I checked at least four different articles to confirm, they were all the same. I tried it immediately o...My lashes looked FULLER the next day!... I am not even kidding. This should be your holy grail. I don't know how else I can explain it.

Before going to bed, apply this. I shall await your testimonies 3 days later! I am still in shock even. 

Step 1:
Clean all forms of makeup from your eye.

Step 2:
Get a cotton bud for easy application.

Step 3:
Dab a little into the vaseline jar and apply directly on the root of your eyelashes working your way to the tip. Leave it overnight.

Earring Pacifier
This is as easy as it looks. If you have a piercing and your earring is proving difficult to fit in, take a tiny bit of vaseline, rub on your ears and try again. Slides in better.

Brow Tamer
All those difficult and stubborn hairs that refuse to stay in place can be held together by vaseline. Add a tiny bit on your Cotton Bud, apply on brows.

Lip Balm
Harmattan is around the corner guys. If you don't have your full harmattan kit ready yet for the season, start off with Vaseline. In short, that should be the first thing in the kit! Nourishing and Moisturising!

Base for Eyeshadow
This makes the colour of your eyeshadow pop out more upon application. The trick is using a tiny bit, almost invisible.

Step 1:
Prep your eyelids.

Step 2:
Add a very tiny bit of vaseline on it. spreading it out evenly, it should look almost invisible after blending out.

 Step 3:
Tap your eyeshadow on, DO NOT RUB. Tap tap Taaap!

Other Uses include but aren't limited to:
  • Highlighting Cheekbones
  • Shoe Polish
  • Glossy Eyeshadow
  • Lubricant
Hope you learnt a thing or two. If you know more, please do share!


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