#AncientBeauty - Whiten your teeth in less than 1 minute!!

Disclaimer: Everyone has a different reaction to baking soda. Please check with your doctors if it's ok for you most especially pregnant and nursing mothers! Keep out of the reach of CHILDREN!

Hi darlings!

How are you all doing this beautiful and dusty day??

I learnt this trick a while back. Had to share. :D

I mean, your smile needs to be different in two days!Just in time for Christmas ie, lol...Win people's heart with that perfect smile and white set of teeth. 

Let them wonder if you got your teeth professionally done!

Shine that teeth soooo wide, your aunties and uncles should spray you more money during Christmas parties. They should see your sparkling teeth from afar!

Win that man of your dreams with your sparkling white teeth ohh....loooool! I just rolled my eyes after that statement.

Anyway, there's this belief that people are attracted to those that illuminate happiness ... those that smile or laugh often too attract more people to themselves. 

Make sure you smell nice too. Of what use is it looking attractive and smelling like fish left in a pot for 7 days unattended. 

You better clean everything up for the holidays and MAKE it a habit!

You can master a habit in 21 days, just be consistent. You can trick your brain into doing whatever it is you set your mind to. Speak positively for 21 days and see positive things happen.

"Fake" happiness/smiling for 21 days and see the difference.

Trust me! it works!

So, this is my teeth routine. I call it spring cleaning as I tend to do it once in 2 weeks as the mixture is quite acidic, you'd not want to damage your enamel now or would you?


Brush your teeth like you normally would but this mixture should be done ONCE in two weeks!! 

  1. Lemon/ Lemon Juice
  2. Baking Soda
  3. ToothBrush

Both items can be bought at your local store as it is readily available. Got mine from "Park 'n Shop / Spar"


Step 1:
Pour some of the baking soda on the palm of your hands or you can use a bowl if you prefer.

Step 2:
Add the lemon juice to it. It will have a reaction, don't fret. It is normal.

Step 3/4:
Make sure it looks like a paste. The consistency shouldn't be too thick or too watery. Just in between is perfect. Brush your teeth with the solution (Please do not swallow!!!..it has a salty funny taste once it comes in contact with your tongue anyway).

Step 5:
Rinse out after 40 secs.

Step 6:
Brush your teeth with your regular toothpaste to clear off the after-taste of the baking soda solution.

Step 7:
Rinse off as usual.

Step 8:
Grab your mouthwash. Rinse your mouth thoroughly with it.

Se finis!


There you have it. Perfect smile for the holidays.

If you are wearing lipstick, don't forget the Vaseline trick I posted up a while ago. 

If this still doesn't work for you, refer to your dentist!...*side eye*

Have a fabulous day!!!


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