#GiveAway: Decemberrrrrrrrrrr Is Here!!!

20 days till Christmas!!!

Can we feel it in the air?? 

We are feeling it here in Lagos oh! Nnna Men!...

I spoke toooooooo soon.. goodnesss!!!... the harmattan isn't here to play oh... everyone has turned white. My friend was complaining the other day that she looked like she just finished grinding cassava. 

Hian!...lol. Then should I talk about Lagos (Nigeria) traffic???... so many things happening at the same TIME!... goodness!

Like I promised, I will be giving items out till the year runs out by God's Grace..

So Here we GO!!

Still on about the brows, found this amazing brow kit a while ago. In the Christmas spirit, I feel it will be useful to someone out there.

It contains 
  • Brow Pencil
  • Brow Gel
  • Mascara Wand
  • Tweezers

To participate, 
  • Follow @PurpleLabalaba on Instagram (if you are on instagram)
  • Follow @iPurpleLabalaba on Twitter
  • Tag 4 (just four) friends to follow the accounts above
From the items listed in this kit, tell me, step-to-step how each is used ie. which comes first followed by what followed by ...blaa blaa... 

Pretty Easy Task! 

Either leave a comment, send me an email or mention me on Instagram or Twitter!

Have a great Saturday!!


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