#Giveaway: Final Giveaway for the year 2015!!!!


How are you all doing????

How was Christmasssss????

Better than last year? Worse? In between?

Get fat oh!...you'd lose it in 2016!...Eat all you can!...You have been given permission by PurpleLabalaba!


First, I'd like to say a big big bigggggg thank you to all my blog readers!...It's amazing what we've been able to do in about 2 months... pageviews currently are well over 12k which isn't bad but!!!...I believe we can get more readers on here. Can we get to at least 100k before April next year?

Can we? 

I trust we can. All I'd need you to do is spread the word. It's as simple as that!..."Hey, heard of purplelabalaba? I think you should check the blog out" You get my drift??? I know you've been doing that, continueeeeee.... I'm liking the clicks I am seeing!lol!

I also noticed few people participated in the last two giveaways so, I'd be posting up the links to them for easy access. 

Just incase you do not win this new giveaway, you can still access the giveaways above...

All the best!!

So, my final giveaway for the year isssssssssssssssss...........

Yepppppp!!!! That's right! Apple Cider Vinegar for the win beautiful people!

Simple Task.

What's my real name and how old will I be in 2016?

I know this is the funniest, most-unexpected question ever. Even I am laughing at myself for asking this pre-question.

The main question: What would you use the ACV for if you win it?

To participate, 

  • Follow @PurpleLabalaba on Instagram (if you are on instagram)
  • Follow @iPurpleLabalaba on Twitter
  • Tag 4 (just four) friends to follow the accounts above

Email all answers to purplelabalaba@gmail.com

Have a fabulous day!!!!


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