#GiveAway: November Goodness!

More like December Goodness!...

I have had the template of this post up for a long time but I was patiently waiting for a surprise item as a giveaway but I am yet to get that item sooooooooo I'd be giving away another surprise!..

Hahahahahaha... I really wanted to give out the other one before this. Oh well, I guess everything happens for a reason. 

This is one major struggle for most people and I am glad one lucky person will be getting this item from me to help their **** game!...

When I tell you I mean business this Christmas, I really mean it!..

I had a post up earlier on today showing how to use this item....*oya go back to the old posts*,loool..

I guess I have given the clue away already!...

WIN the Zaron Brow Definer!!!!...

All you have to do is answer the following questions. Tag me on Instagram (@PurpleLabalaba) or send me an email with the right answer.

Also, tag 4 friends to join in the fun!


(i) Who was the very first Zaron Girl???

It really is as simple as that, I do not want to make a whole fuzz about winning this.

All the best!

Updated Brow Tutorial Using the Zaron Brow Definer

Incase some of you are still lost on how to get your brows done using the Brow Definer, I have taken time out (using my OLDDDDD brow definer) to show you the easy peasy steps as well as an updated brow routine!


This is what the old packaging of the definer looks like (in case you find that out in stores, it's still the same). The one above in plain black is the new package. 

The content is still pretty much the same with a mascara wand and a small angle brush included.

Step 1:
Brush your brows, I recently had a shoot.I lost some of my natural brows due to sharpening. Still sad about it but it's all good.lol!

The kit like I wrote earlier comes with a tiny mascara wand.

Step 2:
I like to add a tiny drop of water on the brush to pack on enough product before using on my brows. The dark shade, I find to be too dark and the light shade, I find to be too light. So, I mix both till I get my desired result. 

Step 3:
Starting from the base of your brows as usual, draw an arch. You can check the indepth procedure of getting your brows down here

Step 4:
Then the top of your brows

Step 5:
Shade 3/4 of your brows towards the tail end.

Step 6:
Use the mascara wand to even it all out.

Step 7:
Using your foundation, clean up the brows


Have a fantabuloussssssss day guys!


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