#LabalabaOnTheBeat: Nude Lipstick on a budget? Head in here!

In my last post on nude lipsticks, I did mention  that there are cheaper alternatives to achieving the same effect and I'd be writing on it this week.

I know that it can be somewhat daunting purchasing several nude lipsticks and it's still not your perfect shade!

There's one very simple solution though....

And it's been in your possession all along...

I am sure you still don't know it yet!


Yup, foundation is the best nude lipstick of all nude lipsticks!...You need not stress about anything! at ALL!

Bam! Bam! Boom! and you're out the door with your new nude lipstick!

Here, I'd be showing you how to achieve the perfect nude lipstick using your foundation.

Items Needed

  • Foundation
  • Lipgloss(optional)


(i) Grab your foundation (liquid or compact is fine)... I use the blackup foundation in the shade NFC 07.

Ensure you moisturise your lips first before applying!

(ii) All you need is a pea-size of the foundation on your finger.

(iii) Gently rub on your lips.

(iv) You have the option of adding a clear lipgloss over it if you do not want to leave the foundation plain.

(v) Final look!

Sometimes, what we seek outside is usually in our possession or around us. lol!


You can look good with a nude lipstick without having to break the bank!*wink*

*shouting in swahili*....Wednesday's post is getting me all excited!...Wait on it! :D


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