#LabalabaOnTheMove: Are you wearing the Right Bras?

If you know me well, you'd know one of my weakness(es) is lingerie. It's just so exciting to shop for them...And I always try to let it match...I mean, everything (top and bottom) must match... makes you feel like you have got it all together, LMAO.

Because I love it so much, I get really sad when I see someone wear the wrong size of lingerie most especially bras. 

I just feel like walking up to them, hugging them and taking them to a store to purchase better-fitting bras.

This isn't whining, If you are wearing the right underwear and a pleasant perfume, your confident level will skyrocket. Trust me!...I know why those two things can get me anytime or why I would invest a lot in them.

STOP buying clothes, shoes or human hair! Invest in a good underwear instead!

Change your bras when due!...Change your panties when due.

I need not tell you when it is due... *side eye*.

But if you insist, when the wires inside the bra starts poking out...change yaaaaa braaaa!

When the bra changes color aka starts fading...change yaaa braaaa!!

When you discover holes in your bra or panties...changeeeeee it!!!

You see a very pretty girl outside...

             Dress on fleek!!

                                    Makeup on fleek!!

                                                               Shoes on fleek!!

                                                                                       Hair nko...fleek's sister.

Just for you to realise she's wearing some funny looking underwear (trust me, I have seen!...I cannot mention names but all those fleeky fleeky girls on instagram, hmmnnnn I reserve my comment). It's heart-breaking! It's unfair!...If you can spend so much buying those things, underwear shouldn't be left out!

Ok, I am just sounding like an old woman now. lol!

What I have realised is that most people do not, in all honesty. know their bra sizes. I was guilty of this too before I saw the light. 

You must also see the light before Christmas! Say Amen!

This post will be here for a while so come back to it as often as possible! ok??

Before going forward to bra measurements, It is important I show you the parts of a bra and what it is called...In case I refer to the terminology later. I need us all to be on the same page.



Cool, leggooo!

The Gore
The is the part that is meant to stay FLAT on your chest. Uusually you have bows and cute things on it but the main function is for it to rest on your chest gripping your boobs in one place.

The Underwire
The underwire serves as a support for your bra cup. It is interwined with the band as well. So it grips you properly as well as give you the "upliftment" you desire.

The Cup
Your breasts must successfully fit into your cup. Sit in pretty!...*flips hair*. It mustn't spill out oh!

The Band
This makes up for 70-80% of your bra support. Once you get this wrong, you have gotten alot of things wrong. Two fingers must be able to slide in and out once you wear your bra. It shouldn't be too loose nor too tight.

The Hook
Usually between 3-4 levels/layers that you can fasten to grip your back.

The Strap
This is responsible for 10-20% of your bra support, it should even out your bra on your shoulders.

Getting the right measurement.

Meet my model, Suliat! You didn't think I'd use my boobies now or did you? Hahahahahahaha!...Let's just say Suliat offered. *tongue out*

Had to cover her nakedness with some random fabric from my tailor's shop.

Thank you Nafi for helping me with this! *kisses*


All you need is a measuring tape.

So, there are two ways of measuring your bras. The "American" method or the "British" method.

With the American method, you measure your chest directly below your armpit while raising your arms up.

Measure the fullest part of your breast (from nipple to nipple)

The British method involves measuring the fullest part of your breasts as shown above AND your band...Directly under your breasts.

Please note: The size will come up as the same thing or something close for both the American and British method.

I'd advise you go with the British method as that is less confusing.

Measurement Chart

Please take note of the figures you get when you have done the measurements. If you get an odd number, round it off to the closest even number.

Example: On Suliat, her underbust is 29, I'd round it off to 30.
                The fullest part of her breast is 34.5, I'd use 34.
                Her chest measures 35, I'd use 36.

See, It's all even numbers now.

From the table above, Using the UK/US size, Suliat's band size is 30.

In order to get the right cup size, you have to subtract your band size from the fullest part of your breasts.

Using Suliat again, the fullest part of her breast measures 34.

In calculating the cup size: 34 INCHES - 30 INCHES = 4 INCHES

Do you understand?

What you need to determine your cup size is the difference in inches between your band size and the fullest part of your breasts.

The table below shows a guideline for cup sizes with respect to the difference in inches.

Suliat's cup size, which is the difference in inches between her band and the fullest point of her boobs is D which is the 4 inches we calculated initially.

In summary, Suliat is a size 30D

Pretty simple.

Just follow the guidelines.

There's also a technique bra fitters use however called "sister-size".

It's the closest possible size to your natural size if you are still finding it difficult purchasing your natural size.

Meaning, the sister sizes work as well as your natural size.

According to biggerbras, a lingerie store in the US,

"Consider Sister Sizing only when you absolutely can not find the perfect fit from the bra that you want. In the chart, find your size, then look at the sizes directly to the left and right of your size - those are your sister sizes."

Here's the chart showing your sister-size

Image source: www.giggerbras.com

Suliat's (30D) sister sizes are 28E, 32C,34B and 36A which means that she can fit into any of the following bra sizes.

This is what a perfectly-fitted bra should look like!

Image source: www.giggerbras.com

Whooooossssssssh! I think we are done!

This is by far the most detailed post I've written!

I know this is a very lengthy post but it just had to be done.

I am sure you learnt a thing or two, I did!

If you have questions, please send me an email or leave a comment, I'd attend to them as soon as I can.

PS: The last two giveaways are still on. You can go back to them as I am yet to find the correct answers from the emails I have been receiving.

All the best!


References: wwww.biggerbras.com | www.brasizecalculator.tk | 

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