#LabalabaOnTheMove: Different uses of Zaron Brow Definer by MaryJane!

Happy New Month Everyone!!!!!!!

Christmas is in the air...I think.. Although, in this part of the world, harmattan hasn't started. Sigh.

My giveaway will run till the end of the year, I PROMISE to be more "gehn gehn" about it. I don't even understand why people will buzz me privately to give them the "goodies" instead. You know yourselves! *side eye*

Anywayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!.... I am super excited to announce that MaryJane of Zaron Cosmetics agreed to the Zaron Brow Definer Turorial!!.... whooooooooppppppp whoooooooppppp!!!...

MJ for President!...

Funny thing is, I have had the zaron brow definer for atleast 2 years now but when I saw her illustrating, I was like "waaaawwwwwuuuu", who would have thought?

There is no need holding on to this information. I gotta share it with y'all!

I believe you can purchase the brow definer from designated Zaron distributors. It's available online as well. It is like the one-miracle makeup product from Zaron...of course they have others, but this is just the deal breaker for me.

Soooo.... In MaryJane's interview, she did mention that the one makeup product she can't do without is the Zaron Eyebrow Definer. "...Truth is, I can use this product for eyebrows, eyeshadow, eyeliner, contour and even lip liner "

Here, she will be showing us how to use the Brow Definer for all she listed.

Special thanks to my Asan'wa OLUCHI for letting us use her beautiful structured face!...I loveeee you!!


I have done a brow tutorial before, It's the same method but with a better applicator. Like I said, I have had mine for atleast 2 years. It sure lasts longer than a pencil and you can customise it to suit your skin. ie deciding if you want it really dark or really light as you can mix both powders in the palette to suit you. Awesome innit??

Start with the darker shade to create a smokey eye look and to cut the crease of your brows like I illustrated here

Move to the lighter shade, apply some on the inner corner of your eye (like I did in the purple eyeshadow tutorial)

Using the darker shade of the palette and an angled brush, gently line your eyes like you normally would with a pencil.

Using an angled face brush, mix both the dark and light shade to your required taste to contour. I've a post on contouring here.

Lip Liner
Mixing the light and dark shade of the Brow Definer, gently use to line your lips. 

Finished Looks!

On Oluchi's Lips, she used "Vamped Luxurious Lipgloss" over "Butterscotch" Lipstick. Both from Zaron's Collection.

Hope you learnt a trick or two like I did! 

Incase you are wondering who MaryJane is......


She's got the most amazing smile ever!...On her lips, she's wearing Zaron's Lipstain in the color "Posh"...

Have a Fabulous Wednesday Everyone!!!


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