#LabalabaReview: I love Nudes...

Nude Lipsticks I mean... LMAO...

See you! *yimu*...lol.

Nude lipsticks are so classy. Feels like you have made no effort whatsoever but there's an effort there somewhere.

It's important to know what shade of nude lipstick suits you. As a dark skinned person, I'd not expect you to wear a very light shade of nude lipstick, makes you look weird funny. 

When you are out to purchase any nude lipstick, try out SEVERAL samples!... yes! That's why you have testers at the stores. 

If you don't have the opportunity to visit the stores, check reviews online. Make sure you search for lipsticks for your skin tone. 


"Best lipstick for dark-skinned people", "Best Red lipsticks","Best Nude Lipsticks","Best Purple Lipsticks"

You'd be amazed what results you'd find as the list is endless. What you even intend getting might not be listed, you might see a better option!

It's really important & It saves you a lot of money when you research on the shades before purchasing.

So.. Here are my favorite nude-ish lipsticks... 

Nude-ish because some aren't entirely nude but are slightly toned down.

NB: My Mac Powder shade is NW43, Blackup Powder shade is CW12 / NF07. So, I'd say I am slightly light-skinned...caramel?? errrrrrr...I am sha light-skinned.

(i) Zaron "24 Karat" Limited Edition Lipgloss

(ii) Mac "Velvet Teddy"

(iii) Mac "Yash"

(iv) Mac "Spice is Nice"

(v) Mac "Nice 'n Spicy" Lip Pencil

(vi) Mac "Viva Glam Rihanna 2"

(vii) Mac "Retro"

(viii) Mac "ChatterBox"

I am almost too certain some of you rolled your eyes with my love for MAC lipsticks..*tongue out*...Soweeeeee!!...it's just so addictive!...If you know or own any good brands, please leave a comment below or send me an email so I can try it out!

Also, the post on Saturday will be on getting Nude lipsticks on a budget...Should be interesting.

Our date is on Saturday people...


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