#SkinCare: Coffee and Vitamin E for Stretch Marks.

Heeeelllooooooo Baes!!!

Lol!, I hate that word but I am just very excited!

The blog was delivered late today because I was at the Rhythm Unplugged Show last night. Apart from the minor glitches at the show, it was reallyyyyyyyyy realllllyyyyyy niceeeeee and funnnnnnnnn.

I am just recovering oh. Edaakun, please forgive me. Plus I need an advice on what to do when one has muscle pull or strain. Like a simple solution. 

It is the most embarrassing thing that can ever happen to someone. See me screaming for help. The security guy at the parking lot this morning at Eko Hotels, you are a lifesaver!!!... Thank you so so ssssooo much.

So, back to today's topic. I will keep it really brief. I had a post a while ago on using potatoes for stretch marks. Read here if you missed it.

I got an email from someone suggesting Coffee and Vitamin E oil for stretch marks. I know coffee is great for skin polishing but I never thought of stretch mark. 

I had to read up on it to confirm first before letting you all know about it. Apparently, it is a proven solution to lightening stretch marks. 

In one of the blogs I stumbled upon, someone's comment was a follows
"I'm telling you girls or guys this works! I saw improvement on the first morning after!
Use instant coffee mix and vitamin E Lotion and mix it together. Put it on your stretch marks and let it dry. You gotta sleep with it on so make sure you use an old sheet to sleep on. Wash it off in the morning in the shower. I used this and the first morning most of my stretch marks turned white already! All of them are hardly noticeable now!!! Good Luck!!"
Trust me now, I took up the challenge. Asked my sister to help me get the Vitamin E oil from Holland and Barrett. Nescafe, On check!

You need just two ingredients.
  • Coffee
  • Vitamin E Oil

To be very honest, It's better to get the Vitamin E oil in a bottle than capsules because you'd have to burst each capsule...stressful!


Step 1:
Get a spoon and a flat plate.

Step 2:
A tiny bit of coffee with two capsules of Vitamin E oil is sufficient for this mix.

Step 3:
Ensure you mix the two of them properly still it looks this way.

Step 4:
Remember my stretchies from the potato post? Yup...gradually faded! *big grin*

Step 5:
Massage the mix into your skin in a circular motion. Leave it on overnight.

I always say,  "persistence and consistency will give you all the solutions you require". So, we have to be consistent with this :D

I hope you learnt something new today like I did.

Have a beautiful, traffic-free Saturday!


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