#LabalabaFixIt, #HairCare - Bring your "dead" hair back to life!

I have been getting a lot of criticism "constructive ones as I'd like to call them" that I hardly blog about hair. I always blog about skin and makeup. I do apologise for that and I want to say I have heard you all..... *battling lashes* I am just trying so hard not to be biassed or speak to one group of people. 

As few people do know, I am a proud nappy hair holder ( if there's anything like that, lol) but yeah, I don't want it to seem like I am mentioning a lot of products to use on your hair and you just get confused. I am trying not to cut across to everyone - both relaxed and natural hair people. I hope you understand. 

I'd do my research and put together a group of people with different hair textures to talk about their regime, more like a hair focus group? lol, my masters degree is in knowledge management so please forgive me for my terminologies. 

I digress.

Like I mentioned earlier, I have nappy/virgin/natural hair. It kinda limits what I can do or play around with my hair. I constantly have to do protective styling so it doesn't break. I braid a lot. I weave my hair a lot and of course, I have sew-ins.

I'd be talking about sew-ins.

I can get away with sew-ins because I use hair closure. In case you have no idea what that genius term is - it's a piece of clothing with hair follicles individually attached to it, makes it look like your natural hair.

You get to style it like your natural hair without having your natural hair out. There are different types of closures, you have the silk base closure and the lace closure. 

I'd be writing on the lace closure because that's the one I use.

Please note, this will be my 10th time using this weave. I have dyed it, curled it, straighten it, wet it - done everything with it but I still find a way of reviving it and making it look somewhat new every time. The secret? proper maintenance.

I'd show you what a lace closure looks like.

That's it, guys! Closure.

Now that I have shown you what that is, we can move on to maintaining it. Ok?

So, here's my used hair - for the 9th time.

Yeah, yeah, I know. Looks funny, lol. In a couple of minutes, you'd not believe what would happen to this baby right here!

The very first step is preparing your weave for a wash.

Step 1:
Remove all threads still attached to the weft of the hair. Using a wide-tooth comb, comb it out.

Your closure too should be combed out and excess thread removed.

After prepping, it should look like this.

Step 2:
Get Apple Cider Vinegar(optional), shampoo, conditioner, hair serum, leave-in conditioner and hair oils. These are the products I use - anyone you normally use in washing your hair should be fine. I just trust these products that is why I use them, most especially the hair serum - my "go-to" tool...all day, every day.

Step 3:
The only products you'd be using for the wash is your shampoo and Apple Cider Vinegar. In 1/4 of a bucket of cold water, pour 6 capfuls of ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) . Add in a considerable amount of shampoo. Soak the hair OVERNIGHT!. yes, that's the main secret - leaving it soaked overnight reduces your workload by 70%, let the ACV and Shampoo do their job.

Step 4:
Next day, you should notice a change in color of water as most of the dirt and residual oils left in the hair comes off,

Grab a soft brush and clean JUST the weft of the hair.

Rinse the hair first before adding your conditioner.

You have to leave this on for about 10-15 mins before finally rinsing it off. While that is "cooking", you can wash your closure.

I tend to wash the base of the closure from the reverse side and that cleans it properly - every dandruff hanging on to the lace can be cleaned off with this method.

Rinse and then condition.

Step 5:
Let it AIR dry, please avoid using blow dryers. or any heating device to dry your hair, it damages it. LET IT AIR-DRY!

Step 6:
Once the hair stops draining out water and becomes damp, use the leave-conditioner and hair serum. These are mine.
  1. Nature's Gentle Touch Intensive Leave-In Conditioner
  2. John Frieda's FRIZZ EASE Miracle Recovery Serum
  3. John Frieda's FRIZZ EASE Original Serum

Apply and let it continue drying out. It should look like this when it's completely dry. It's kinda sticky but dry - not sticky and damp guys, DRY! lol.

Step 7:
Using your clean wide tooth comb, comb the hair out & use a rubber band to hold it back safely.

That's all for the weave, Now to the closure.

It's the hard part, you just have to be patient, I'd put you through okay?

This is what mine looks like now.

After several trials, I decided to adopt the method of sectioning the hair and then combing it out - FROM TIP TO THE ROOT, it doesn't tangle that way.

Twist everyone that you have straightened so it doesn't mix up with the ones you haven't.

At the end. you should have this.

Take out the twists and comb the hair all out.

Back to new.

To finish off, I just straightened the hair back. There's no need to waste time straightening it as the salon attendant will still straighten it when they are done fixing. 

The finished look!!

I believe we all remember what we started with. lol. 

That'd be all folks!

Hope you learned a thing or two like I did!


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