#LabalabaFixIt: Makeup Setting Spray on a Budget? Head over here!

Hello Darlings!!


In between Flavor's marriage drama to Davido's baby mama drama and now, Olamide/DonJazzy drama, it's safe to say this year started with a lot of activities! LOL!

How are you all doing??

I am so thankful for the numerous blessings and opportunities 2015 presented us with, can't wait to bask in the glory of 2016!

One thing I really advocate for is "sensible" spending. It's more or less a "management" belief. If it's broken, fix it! don't dispose of it just yet, find a solution one way or the other.

That's one of the reasons why I started this blog, I gather as much information as I can and share with everyone. I am equally guilty of disposing of stuff when broken but NOT ANYMORE!

I have had my setting spray since 2012/2013 and there was a period I was using every single time. The moment I realised, it was "finishing", I started minimising usage. Procrastinating that I'd get a new one whenever I travel. 

I never bought it. I look at it everytime at the MAC stand and just pass by. 

It finally finished some days ago. *sad*

I checked online for the cost, it was £17. Which wasn't that much of big deal as at 2012/2013 when I initially purchased it. With the new exchange rate, I need to be extremely calculative with some spending. 

Anyway, after intense research on the solution, or a duplicate, came across this method. Best part is that it does equally the same thing if not better and it costs between N500 - N1000!!!! Yup! that cheap!


All you need is two ingredients!
  • Water
  • Glycerine and RoseWater

Can I get an Amen somebody??? No dulling this new year oh! No unnecessary spending too oh!


Step 1
Carefully open the old bottle. It's slightly tricky. Mine was. Or better still, find a bottle that has this spray top.

Step 2
Add the Glycerine and RoseWater, should fill in about 1/4 of the container (I added a lot, it made it slightly stickier than normal, I'd advise you add a little above 1/4 of any bottle)

Step 3
Fill the rest of the bottle with clean water. You DO NOT have to use cold water, I was drinking this, I just used it, lol.

Step 4
Shake, Shake, Shake!..Make sure it mixes up properly!

And that's it!

I know some people might be lost on what this is exactly. It is a face mist that helps melt your makeup after application, helps the makeup last longer too. Just spray 12 inches away from your face so it spreads evenly on your face. It is also rehydrating.

I also spray on my eyeshadow brushes before applying eyeshadow, makes it stick on better.

The great thing about this is that, the glycerine and rosewater alone is a great face toner. So, you are not exactly wasting the product once you are done with this face mist. Just add a bit on your cotton pad and clean your face every morning. It's amazing!

You can purchase Glycerine and RoseWater at any supermarket that sells skincare products - cleansers, toners and all that good stuff.

Can't wait for you to try it and let me know your experiences!

Be great! It's 2016!  You are meant to!


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