#LabalabaReview: ...And that's how I was scammed!

Yes! That's my only definition for this occurrence!

Whenever my friends warn me about purchasing items online without having to see it, I always say they are just being too uptight.

So it happened that I wanted to purchase the "Original" Beauty Blender online. 

Card details automatically saved up in my head, Pam pam pam..Deets (another internet slang for DETAILS) on, we are ready to move. 

Delivery? Settled.
I bought it from an online store in the UK and the image online looked sooooo nice, huge, amazing and I just couldn't wait to get my hands on it.

My "nice" friend and sister Seyi came back to Nigeria a few days ago - after insulting me while in London, for stressing her all the way to pick up the item in the cold. 

In my mind I am like, if only you know the gold you are holding, you will just keep quiet!

Wondering why the naughty girl was just saying "Shey you know you are not alright, you bought this thing for $**?" I said, "no o, it was £**". 

She just said OK.

The "OK"- now I understand! *wailing in Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo*

It looked NOTHING like what I saw online! it was wayyyyy smaller...I mean, take a look at it!

What is this tiny one now eh?

Oho, they even put bar soap too.."BlenderCleanser" solid mini- cleanses the blender and brushes!

Maybe I didn't read the item description well?

Maybe it looked too exaggerated online?

Maybe I offended someone in my village that decided to punish me with this "reckless" purchase?

Maybe I am in for a great surprise?

Maybe it increases itself when air/water gets into it?

Maybe I am just being overly dramatic?

Drama Queen Labalaba.

If it is not the fact that this is the Holy Grail of most people when it comes to makeup application, I doubt I'd be stressing myself about this.

Let's hope for the best.

I shall be using it in my next post.

And the post after.

And the post after.

Use it till it begs me to stop.

I am not here for play.


Hope you all enjoyed my mini "panic". I just wanted you all to experience it the way I did the first time I saw it.

Have a fabulous dayyyyyy!!!

OK, Pause.

Of what use is splitting this post when I can have it as ONE?


So, here are my thoughts on this amazing wiccccckkkkeeeeeeeed makeup tool!

Guys! It solves your makeup application worries by 99.9%.

To be honest, I was disappointed by the package I received but boy oh boy!, I have been having the time of my lifeeeeee!

I don't think I have ever enjoyed applying foundation as I enjoy it now with the beauty blender. To make it stay even better, my makeup facemist is its best companion - they work together like Bread and Butter. Super amazing!

Before moving any further, I should quickly show you what it looks like in details.


Micro Mini


"BlenderCleanser" solid mini

To be frank, getting just one is fine. I mean, mine is a gift set. And I honestly DO NOT  know the difference between the "original" and the "pro", pretty much looks same to me.

Here, I have on, my foundation with my normal makeup sponge- that I have changed 100 times!

Here, I used the beauty blender + facemist. It is HIGHLY advisable to dampen the beauty blender before using it. Makes everything set in properly and smoothly.

Difference clear or nah?

Apart from flushing the foundation completely into my skin, You can see clearly from both applicators, it comes apart after usage (the normal applicator) - that's the first/ second I am using it, the beauty blender seems pretty good after use.

I am not sure if, after the 100th use, it'd fall apart oh!...LoL!, for now, I am pretty satisfied with it. The only problem I think I will have is washing it every time. My mini bar soap will just finish and I will just be sad.lol!

I'd just use my normal brush washing method for it. No time!

Have a fabulous evening people!

Where to purchase? 

Konga, Jumia, YangaBeauty, Jigi, Amazon, Sephora, Yudala. Or any makeup store you'd normally visit to purchase makeup products!

Keyword Search : BeautyBlender

This is what the single sponge looks like:

Fancy eh? I knowwwwww..... *battling lashes*

Have a great day people!


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