#SkinCare, #HairCare: My Favourite Essential Oils and their benefits!

Hello Beauties!

Hope you guys are doing greattttt!

One day, I will share my story. The real reason I started using natural products and eventually turned an organic products junkie.

Quite a number of people have asked what I use on my skin. 

"It looks so fresh!"...
"You have this new glow, whatever it is you're using, you need to continue and also, tell me what it is"...
"The holiday agrees with your skin"...
"I can't keep up with you anymore..."

In as much as I find all these flattering to say the least, I am still not "in that place" yet with my skin. *this is the point you roll your eyes* lol. For sure, It looks better than it was the first day I started this blog (Yep, I went back to my old posts). 

It shows that most of these things I have been writing about really works. you just need to find out which one works great for you or the ones you feel the ingredients are easily accessible. 

I have been using carrot oil on my skin for a while now, 6 months maybe? I am not sure but I must have started July last year or so.

I wrote on the process here

After a while, I had to stop using it as I was getting nauseous from the smell of the carrier oil (coconut oil).

My cousin advised me to use tea tree oil to preserve it as I wasn't using it as frequently. 

Decided to buy Tea Tree oil to "preserve" my carrot oil. Upon checkout, I saw "other customers bought"...There were so many others, I started reading reviews and eventually, I bought some more.

Then, I remembered my sister saying Avocado Oil is amazing for skin and hair, she had read it somewhere. I ended up adding that to my cart too to "test".

Let's just say... The rest is almost history.

Knowing my skin and its high sensitivity, I was expecting to react to these oils but I am yet to and I have been using them for a while.

The oils are quite concentrated so you are expected to use tiny drops into your carrier oil. Just in case you are wondering what this carrier oil I've been writing repeatedly is - According to ask.com,
A carrier oil is also known as a base oil and it is used to dilute essential oil for massage. Essential oil is too strong to be applied directly to the skin, so a carrier oil is used for safety.
I believe that is quite explanatory. 

Let's get straight into the oils that have been making my life sooooooooooooo awesome!

Oh! and by the way, I mix all of them with my carrot oil. Smells better and I am getting the benefits of each of them! Yay me! Win-Win. lol

Avocado Oil
  1. Helps in the regeneration of new skin and accelerated wound healing oil
  2. Amazing for Acne
  3. Thicker, Longer and Fuller Hair

Vitamin E Oil
  1. Great for skin elasticity
  2. Anti-ageing effect on skin
  3. Protects skin from sunburn

Lavender Oil
  1. Great for skin elasticity hence it helps with stretch marks
  2. Amazing Oil Production Regulator
  3. Good for Acne and Scars

Patchouli Oil
  1. *cough* Awesome Aphrodisiac <--- Dunno what that means? Gooooooggleeeee is ya friend! lol
  2. Great for Acne
  3. Controls Oil Production

Tea Tree Oil
  1. Regulates Oil Production.
  2. Great for Acne Reduction
  3. Amazing Preservative as it is anti-bacterial

Lemon Oil
  1. Great for dull skin
  2. Oil Production Regulator
  3. Amazing for Varicose Vein

There's no need hiding this information from people. And reply whenever they ask me..."It's God ohh.." lol! Yes! Some people do that, so annoying! 

I hope you learnt a thing or two?

There are other benefits of the oils mentioned above. I limited it to 3 each for better and faster grasp of their benefits.

Please let me know which oils you have been rocking and which you think I should try out.

Have a fabulous day guys!


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