#SkinCare: DIY Skin Cleanser / Toner.

Hey boooooossss!!!

So I have been MIA because I am trying to get one or two things set up for a personal project I am working on. I did mention in my last post that I'd be teaching you how to make a skin cleanser with 4 ingredients you can find in your house!

Yup, 4!

You are not only saving cost, you will also be rest assured that none of these products will have an adverse effect on your skin long term. Also, you can easily get them whenever you like. 

Without further ado, I'd like to introduce you to this amazing DIY!

Ingredients Needed
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: It is important to search for ACV with "the mother"- bacteria responsible for the fermentation of the apples. I'd always recommend "Braggs" brand of ACV. It's bae!

  • Lemon/ Lemon Juice: You can either squeeze this out yourself or if you are lazy like me, buy the already squeezed ones. :D

  • Honey

  • Water

  • Empty container to mix.


Start with the Lemon /Lemon Juice as that is the most active ingredient in the mix. Use a tiny amount, please. 

Follow that up with Apple Cider Vinegar. 2 Cap Spoonful should be okay for this mix.

Add Honey

Add in water to top up the container. It serves as a great dilute for the two active ingredients added.

There you have it!  Homemade face cleanser!

How to use

Get a clean piece of clothing or get cotton pad

In a circular motion, clean your face thoroughly. Do it in sections, If the cotton pad becomes dirty, change it- that way, you are not rubbing in what you are cleaning off. Do You get my drift? Uh oh. 


It's great for clearing acne/pimples/spots too. You just need to be very consistent!... Before you try any of the masks I have been putting up, I'd suggest you cleanse your face first. In the morning, before/after brushing, cleanse your face!

I will strongly advise you to turn your ACV into a beverage too in order for it to cleanse your system. 

All you need is the ingredients mentioned above in a bigger bottle of water. It detoxifies your system. In order for you to feel clean on the outside, you need to feel in on the inside.

Have a fabulous day beauties!


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