#SkinCare: How to make Orange Peel Powder.

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I have used orange peel in a couple of posts (here & here) and people have buzzed me up to ask how to make it.

This post doesn't require a lot of illustrations as it is pretty straight forward. I have had mine for a long time now and I didn't think to take pictures when I was making it and to be quite frank, I had not started the blog when I  made it.

I'd just explain how to get it done as it is very easy to make.
  1. Get Oranges.
  2. Peel the skin out.
  3. Cut into smaller chunks for it to dry faster.
  4. Place the skin peel in a tray or flat surface spreading it out so air can get around.
  5. Leave the tray out in the sun for atleast a week. 
Once you leave it out in the sun, it dries up gradually, becomes very hard and brown. It also breaks like crackers biscuits. It is at this point that you can take the dried skin peel back into your kitchen.

Some people put it in the oven to dry up. I am yet to try that but whatever method you have used in the past to dry up items should work fine.

How to convert to powder.

As you'd imagine, you need a blender or a processor to convert it into powder. Make sure it's finely blended. Repeat blending till you get desired results.

Also, ensure you sieve the finer grains out as that's what you'd use most of the time. The bigger grains should be stored aside for future purposes.

Below is a picture of the fine grains and the larger grains after sieving. Always! Always! Always store in an airtight container!

I hope this is explanatory. 

The most important thing is leaving it out to completely dry!!

Here's the final "look" of the powder.

Benefits of Orange Peel Powder

  1. It is a natural cleanser - penetrates deeply into skin to clear blackheads/whiteheads
  2. It is an astringent - controls excessive oils as it tightens skin.
  3. It is s great toner - refreshes skin and reduces the sizes of pores.
  4. Increases blood circulation.
Apart from the two posts I already have up on the blog on the use of orange peel, I'd be writing more as time goes on. Be sure of that!

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