#SkinCare: Tighten Large Pores with Eggs!

So, I decided to drop two posts today just because #Formation!... LMAO!

Ok, sometimes, it does happen like this...Let's just go with the flow now shall we?? 

I came across this mixture a couple of days ago. Best believe me when I tell you that my FACE HASN'T REMAINED THE SAME!

I literally felt the difference when I was done. Yeah. Very strange occurrence!...Skin felt sooooo darn silky and I'm like...whattttt??? girl, I think we will make this a routine.

Before you start your eewww and iyama...Eggs?... Honeyboo!...you know nothing!...I was like that too before I decided to take this "risk"...

As I'd always say... My skin is not 100% perfect but I'm totally happy with where we (my skin & I) are at right about now...I don't care what people say... "her skin isn't all that"... "it looks super different"... "I think she's deceiving us"...

Sugar spice.... I am happy with what I have and it gives me so much joy sharing it with people. The reviews I have been getting have been extremely encouraging.

With that being said, I think people should cultivate the habit of appreciating everything about themselves. Insecurity is a killer of Joy!

OK, you can roll your eyes now!...LMAO.

Moving on. 

I will just get straight to business.

Ingredients Needed

  1. Egg
  2. Tissue Paper
  3. Fork
  4. Brush
  5. Cleanser
  6. Cotton Pad

Here's my bare face...:)....for some reason I have been hiding my full face!...lmao, I'm shy. I am sure you can put pieces together. lol.

Step 1:
Use a cleanser or face toner to clean your face up, open your pores and prepare for what's about to come.

Step 2:
Grab an egg. Gently break it, creating a hole that allows the egg white seep out. What you need for this first step is the egg white!

Whisk the egg white to perfection... Slayyyyyy the egg white hunny!.SLAY! lmao.

Step 3:
Grab your tissue paper. Take a bit at a time. Separate the tissue so you have a thin "slice" of the tissue. The whole idea is getting as many tissues arranged on your face as possible.

Step 4:
Get a brush for application.

Step 5:
Use the brush to apply the egg white directly on your skin. Please do this in bits as it will dry up fast.

Step 6:
Apply the first layer of tissue paper on your wet face.

Step 7:
Apply more egg white on the first layer of tissue.

Step 8:
Apply the second layer of tissue paper.

Step 9:
Repeat process until you are done with your whole face. Your face should look like paper mache...that's if you did fine arts in school. lol.

Step 10:
Leave the paper on your face till it is FULLY dry and HARD!!!... Your face will be totally masked up!

Step 11:
GENTLY take off the paper from your face, you will feel it peel your face out in a way...good peel tho. 

I shouted at this point 'cos I saw all my whiteheads before me! You'd be amazed what lies on the surface of your skin.

After taking it off, my face looked like this. Please do not wash your face or do anything at this point as you need to condition your face after this peel.

Step 12:
Get your egg yolk! Beat it till it's super smooth!

Step 13:
Using the same brush(after you must have washed it ofcourse)...Apply the yolk on your face.

Step 14:
Let it completely air dry. It starts to crack and your face looks like this.

Step 15:
WASH your face!...Final look outside the sun...

Hope you enjoyed this somewhat messy but interesting post! I'd suggest you get this done once a month.

Next post will be on making your own cleanser at home with 4 ingredients you can find in your kitchen.

Till then...



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