#AncientBeauty: How to make Black Soap

There's something so awesome about having materials readily available and IN abundance at your disposal. The more I think about how I have been "sleeping on a bicycle" and "dulling myself" Nigerian slang(s) for "wasting time" is sooooo beyond me.

I remember when I was wayyyy younger and I guess I was falling sick a lot, my late grandma would use black soap whenever she's having my bath with agbo (herbs) water. Ok, now I am not sure if it was because I was ill or she just felt it was better using all them native stuffs to shower for kids instead of the "oyinbo" senrenren.


Then, I was probably all ewww and iyama but now????? I'd do anything to get that experience back in full with grandma showering for me too :(. 

Urrrmmm, I am not that much of a fan of agbo so I'd just cut all that out till I am able to meet someone that can teach me how to make one for bathing, 

But for now, I'd talk more about black soap!!!

So, native black soap is made up of cocoa pod and dried plantain leaves. To be very honest, I'd leave all that for those that specialise in it (because really, ain't nobody gat time for all that, lol). What I'd be focusing on now is converting the raw black soap into one that's suitable for usage.

Here's what the natural raw black soap looks like - in its veryyyy raw state. Don't fret when you get to the market and they give you this. This is what it looks like okaay?

I remember in my last post on black soap, I did mention I was going to try to make it myself at home. Well, I did and I am totally loving it. I must confess, Amina bear me witness , I had so many failed attempts!!

I was getting frustrated when it kept looking funny but I believe being persistent works wonders. This is why I am doing this. So you can bypass the mistakes I made when I was trying this out for the first time without much advice.

Let's get down to business now shall we?

Ingredients Needed

  • Raw Black Soap
  • Shea Butter
  • Essential Oils
  • Carrot Oil
  • Avocado Oil
  • Water
  • Camwood
  • Eggs
  • Honey
  • Lemon / Lime
  • Aloe Vera

You can add in as many things as you feel you need to, you don't necessarily have to use everything I have listed here.

I can't remember why exactly I didn't use eggs for mine but if you must use eggs, please stick to just EGG WHITES! it's amazing when it comes to fighting acne. Also, with egg whites added to the mixture, you have to put it in the fridge constantly to maintain its freshness. <--- I think this is the reason I had to rethink the egg addition. 

I will still add in eggs as time goes on but I need to see how it'd work without the eggs first. 


Step 1: Place the raw black soap on a piece of paper. This prevents you messing up your workspace.

Step 2: Using your fingers to break it into smaller pieces. It's quite soft so there's no need looking for a mortar and pestle to break it. Take your time.

Step 3: Transfer the broken pieces into a container where you'd be mixing the rest of the ingredients. Start with lemon/lime, that's the most concentrated ingredient here. Please note that it is quite acidic, squeeze in moderation before you burn yourself and blame me *pulls ears* shey you are hearing, hian, lol.

Step 4: Add in your carrot oil. I have a post on making that here. Add in avocado oil too (I'd have a post on making it here later, to be quite frank, the process is quite long so I got a ready made one, the brand I use is also in my essential oil post).

Step 5: Add Essential Oils - Lavender, Tea Tree, Patchouli, Lemon, Vitamin E Oil. Check out my list of oils here

Step 6: Add in Turmeric. I'd have another Turmeric giveaway soon, please watch out!! Please add in moderation because this bad boy here stings and stains!!! It stains oooo! goodness!

Step 7: Add in Camwood. This is also called OSU. When you get to the local market, ask them for osu. Camwood is really great in cleansing the skin from impurities. In the olden days, mothers used in bathing new babies. Correct me if I am wrong, I think some people still use it for that purpose.

Step 8: Add in Honey.

Step 9: After you must have added all, It should look like this. Please note that I am yet to add water.

Step 10: Add in a little bit of water and stir. The black soap reacts with the Lemon hence the foamy look. Don't worry, you have not spoilt it. lol!

Step 11: Leave it to cure or cook overnight. Find a safe place where air can get to it. Don't heat it up or anything. Leaving it overnight does all that work for you. 

In the morning, It should look like this. Most of the black soap must have melted. 

Step 12: Get a wooden spoon and stir. Leave it back to solidify.

Final Look after cleaning up the jar.

Decided to test it out to know well it lathers. 

Pretty good.

There you have it. Black soap suitable for showering.

My Observations, Advise and WARNINGS!
  1. Black Soap is drying. Be sure to have a moisturiser on standby after showering.
  2. Turmeric will stain your bathroom. Please use a bit when mixing, don't overuse it please except you don't mind cleaning the bathroom every time.
  3. Do not attempt to leave it on your face for long. It will burn you and I'd not tell you sorry.
  4. If you intend using eggs, please refrigerate the black soap mixed with eggs! Scoop the amount you need for the week and leave the rest refrigerated.
  5. If you are using Shea Butter, use in moderation as it might make the soap lather less.
  6. You can substitute carrot oil with coconut oil.
  7. If you prefer the soap being liquid, add a lot of water to the mixture.
  8. If you have sensitive funny skin like mine that goes from a 0 to 100 real quick, use all the ingredients in moderation.
That's about it. 

Please do let me know how you got yours done and what you added that I am missing. I'd be making several versions till I get one perfect for my sensitive skin.

Have a fabulous day guys!


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