#LabalabaFixIt: Ashy Foundation? I think I found the S O L U T I O N

Hello, my beaus!!

I had to let you all digest my last post as it was somewhat long and slightly strenuous. I don't want to overwhelm you all with a lot of information so I have decided to take things slow with posts before you get confused about what to do or what not to do.

Having a post on foundations will definitely come up soonest. I mean, it's been a long time coming and it's important to write on it so you know what foundations to get. When to get. How to apply and all those yummy stuff.

However, if you already have a foundation you are using BUT for some reason, it is not blending properly on your face or it's looking like different maps in Africa and a part of you starts to say "Ewooooo, seems I got the fake product".... "But it's the same foundation *insert friend/ makeup artist name* used na, how come it doesn't look as nice on me. Did she perform some kind of miracle?

Errrrmmmm, yeah... We have had a moment or two like that. 

Do you know what you are missing?

Actually, a couple of steps you are missing?

Prepping your face for the foundation!!!!!

Yeah yeah, I know the foundation is meant to prepare your face for the rest of your makeup BUT it is important to prepare your bare face for the foundation OR powder to set in properly. 

I'd give you three main steps to achieving this but will talk extensively on one.

First Step: Exfoliate your face often.

I cannot stress this enough. Your face constantly has dead skin hanging around it that refuses to fall off. 

Using a good face exfoliator will help clear up your skin. 

Because most exfoliators or face scrubs can be abrasive on your skin as you are literally scrubbing the dead skin off with tiny stone-like particles present in them, you should get it done once a week to avoid reacting to it or damaging your skin.

Second Step: Moisturise your face.

It is also important that you use a good moisturiser on your face before you start your makeup. Leave it on for a bit to absorb properly into your skin before you do anything.

Apply the moisturiser and go about your business for a couple of minutes before coming back to start your makeup.

Third and Most Important Step: Use a face primer!!!!!!!

Face Primers are heaven-sent!

Yes o, I have taken it to that level. You have no idea what effect these amazing ointments have on your face. If you do not have a face primer, you should not bother having makeup on your face. Primers let your makeup application look flawless, it helps soften your skin as well as seal in your large pores.

But there's a tricky side to this. There are different primers for different skin types. It is important to know your skin type and act accordingly - same goes for foundations, you should use a foundation that works with your skin type. As some of you know, there are five major skin types. Your skin might have a blend of one or more of the skin type listed.
  • Combination
  • Oily
  • Normal
  • Dry
  • Sensitive
I will write in-depth about these in the next post and how to figure out which group you belong to.

Watch out.

I promise.

Back to Primers.

There are 2 main types of Primers.

  • Water Based
  • Silicone Based

Water Based Primers are amazing on people with dry skin as it is hydrating on their skin. Silicone Based Primers are great for people with oily skin/ sensitive skin as it mattifies their skin.

My favorite primers brands are:

  1. SMASHBOX Photo Finish Face Primers
  2. BENEFITS PoreFessional Primers

Photo Finish Blemish Control

Photo Finish Foundation Primer

PoreFesional Matte Rescue Face Primer

There are other brands out there but these are the two I recently purchased that I am totally in love with. There are silicone based which is great for covering up large pores like mine. Those with oily skin too will find these face primers great on them as it smoothens and evens out their face.

There's a new rave about NIVEA MEN's after shave balm acting as a face primer as well, seen quite a number of people use it and talk about its effectiveness, I'd have to try it out and let you all in on it - if it's a must-have or not. 

This is what it looks like.

How to use Face Primers.

Press a pea size on your finger and place on your T-zone ( Forehead & Nose) and Cheeks where you usually produce more oils from. 

It is not necessary to pour the whole thing all over your face, use only where needed. Don't waste the product too, Use in moderation o!

After you've done this, leave the primer on your face for some minutes to get absorbed by your skin before you apply your foundation.

Now, once you're done with your full makeup, ensure you seal it all up with a face mist/ makeup setting spray. I had a post on making your face mist here.

What primers are you using now if you have any and which will you suggest to a poor girl with hypersensitive skin?

Any suggestions?


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