#LabalabaOnTheBeat: Applying liquid lipsticks shouldn't be that hard now or should it?

Helllooooooooooooo my amazing friends *wiggles butt*

Lol! How are you all doinggggggg???

I have to make this post as quick and as concise as possible. Straight-to-the-point kinda post. I am just recovering from malaria that's why I have the "injury" on my lips so please bear with me. 

Who else gets blisters whenever malaria is on its way? lol. I have had this symptom since Lord knows when - once I notice blisters, it's either stress, my immune system is down or it's just malaria. 


Anyway, I was having a mini makeup discussion with my older sister. She was telling me how she just got this new matte lip stain but she didn't understand why it was a little bit drying after she applied it. 

Coincidentally, my friend Dammy buzzed me to show me the new lip stain she got that was "too dry" for her liking.

Let me take a wild guess...

Matte Liquid Lipstains are back in vogue? Helllllll Yeaaaahh!!!!!!! They are!!!! 

To be honest, apart from using lip pencils as a full lipstick, the next best thing that happened in the history of lipstick application is lip stains.

What is a Lip Stain?
"Lip stain is a cosmetic product which is designed to stain the lips with long-lasting color which will resist wear. Unlike lipstick, it does not contain wax."

5 reasons why I kinda prefer lip stains to lipsticks
  1. It is cheaper 
  2. It doesn't stain your teeth when applied properly
  3. It's waterproof, smudge-proof and, of course, my favourite, it's kiss-proof :D
  4. It is long-lasting.
  5. It looks more natural on your lip, feel like second skin.

How to apply lip stains effortlessly.

For the purpose of this illustration, I'd be using the brand COLORPOP in the shade "stingraye". The first time I used it was when I went to yangabeauty's studio, she used it on me and I was totally wowed by it.

For those wondering what I look like, you might be able to find me on their instagram page. LOL. YES! I am human, not a robot. lolll...

Follow the steps carefully, trust me, after doing it twice, you'd be a pro. All the best!

It is very important to scrub your lips before you proceed, I have written a post on that before using Vaseline. Check on it!

Next Set of Steps:

Step 1:
After scrubbing your lips, get a lip balm or a lip moisturiser. I use BODY SHOP Argan Oil lipbalm. To be quite honest, most lip scrubs double up as moisturisers depending on the ingredients used in making them.  I know for one that the vaseline scrub is also a great moisturiser. Another good lipscrub I know is from "LUSH", I'd be writing on them soon! *super excited*

Step 2:
Grab your liquid Lip stain. If you notice, most of them come with a sharp edge as shown below. If yours isn't like this, try as much as possible to use the tip of the applicator.

Step 3: 
This is the main TRICK! Line your lips first! I am telling you, this is the main step to achieving a flawless finish. LINE your lips with the tip of the applicator.

Step 4:
After successfully lining round your lip with the product, fill in the centre of your lips with multiple applications of the Lip stain.

Step 5:
Add in as many layers as you wish but let one coat dry up first before adding in another coat of the lip stain. This prevents it from smudging when you re-apply wet.

And there you have it babies! Voluminous Juicy Lips!

How to remove.
Apply a little bit of coconut oil and wipe off with makeup remover. Coconut oil - or any oil, in general, makes removal of makeup easier.

My favourite lip stains brands are:
  • LA Girls Matte Lipstains
  • Colour Pop Cosmetics Lipstains

Where to purchase
I made a list of stores in Nigeria where you can get makeup products. If you are not in Nigeria, you can check the individual brands online to purchase.

I hope you found these tips as useful as I did!!!

Have a fabulous day beaus!


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