#AncientBeauty : Cinnamon and Oats FaceMask


I really have missed doing one of these! Face Mask ie!  Rather I have been experimenting with different types of black soap for different skin types, be sure that I will have that uploaded soon! Please bear with me as these things do take time. 

So this baby right here is super yummy and edible - I know this because I mistakenly tasted it and it was awesome! Lol!

I am not saying you should start licking it, though. 

This magic right here is skin soothing and it really does clear up your skin- with consistent usage, of course, you should see a difference.

I like the fact that all the ingredients can easily be found and are inexpensive. So yeah, you have a pocket-friendly , skin-friendly face food right here.

I need not type a lot, let's get down to business.

Here are the ingredients you need for the mask and it is followed up by the procedure for making it.


Ingredients Needed.

Cinnamon Sticks/ Grounded Cinnamon.



Vitamin E Oil

Almond Oil

Baking Soda

Method for Preparation

Pour some oats into a bowl. Try as much as possible to either mash it or put in a blender to blend it into finer grains. I used my fingers to mash it to look this way, I believe using a blender makes life so much easier because this took time.

Add in your baking soda, about a teaspoonful of it.

Add in your ground cinnamon, be careful with the quantity you add because the smell can be quite choky. A tiny bit should do the trick. I will try another with nutmeg instead of cinnamon to see how I react. I heard nutmeg is another great spice for skin. *grinning*

Add in Honey.

A tiny drop of Almond oil should be added. I have an oily skin type so I try as much as possible to reduce the quantity of oils I use in making face masks or scrubs.

Also, add a tiny bit of Vitamin E Oil to the mix. That's the final ingredient...LOL!

And there you have it, mix this rigorously till it forms a paste. Notice I didn't add water? Yeah, you need it to have a good consistency and the oils and honey will do that trick for you.

Please wash your face with lukewarm before applying the mask on your face! Lukewarm water helps open up your skin pores.

You have to build up on the application. Ensure it's done in layers till you have fully covered up your face.

People tend to miss out their necks when applying face masks, I have to say that your neck is as important as your face when you are applying things on it. It has to blend it properly.

Let the face mask sit in for at least 45 mins. I must let you know that it is quite messy so you need to ensure that you are wearing an old piece of fabric or shirt that you can easily clean off. 

Wash off with cold water. Cold water tightens up your pores thereby locking in all the nutrients from the mask.

My skin felt a little bit silky after the mask. Like I said earlier, consistently using this mask will yield great results for a clearer skin as you have really active ingredients in it.

For people that do not know, Cinnamon is known to fight blemish, acne and spots as well as enhance skin complexion because of its anti fungal and anti bacterial properties.

Let me know how well it works for you.

Till I come your way next time.


PS - who's attending ASA's show on Sunday? Please look out for me!. Clue? I'd be wearing black flat shoes with spikes on it. LOL :D.

With Love,


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