#GiveAway: Mayday! Mayday!! MAY DAY!!! *whoooop*


My "special Mayday gift" is finallllyyyyyyyyy here!!!!

I am super excited to share this with you all!, the amazinggggggg bunch!

Lord knows how long I've been searching for this and in this quantity for my blog readers.

I've had a couple of people ask me where they can get these but I am yet to find (also at a cheap rate)

Want to know what it is?????

TURMERIC !!!!!!!!!

I am not giving out just one but FIVE!!! 5 lucky people will win this for themselves this Christmas!!!

Putting a smile on someone's face this season!

To participate, 
  • Follow @PurpleLabalaba on Instagram (if you are on instagram)
  • Follow @iPurpleLabalaba on Twitter
  • Tag 4 (just four) friends to follow the accounts above
The Task

What would you normally use Turmeric for? Share your recipes either for hair, skin, nails...everything!..I'd be picking my favorite five recipes!...Make it fun!...Spread the word!

You have to find this post on my Instagram page, like love it & comment with your recipes OR send me an email (which I think is better) on the recipes!

It should be fun reading what you amazing people have up your sleeves with the Turmeric powder.


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