#LabalabaOnTheMove: Upgrade on Purplelabalaba.com, LISTEN UP!

Hi, Everyone!

It has come to our notice that some people have been finding navigating on purplelabalaba.com site quite confusing. That's why we have decided to clarify some things and give a step-to-step guide on using the site.

This isn't meant to be long but the pictorial illustration might be quite lengthy. Hopefully, it helps someone out there.

Subscription Pop-up Window

Firstly, we are sure you must have experienced this already as a  popup window once you open the site, this is called the subscription popup. 

Step 1: Enter your Name and Email Address

Step 2: Click on "Click Here to Complete Subscription"

Step 3: At this point, you should receive an email if you supplied the right email address. While that is sending , you can close this page by clicking on "Click to Close" at the top right corner.

With this, you get first-hand information even before it is posted on the site (mini giveaways as well) so you are all encouraged to subscribe by registering your names and email addresses, confirming you are not a robot as well and that's about it.

But then, it is entirely up to you. Once you close it, it will not pop up anymore on that device you used in accessing it the first time.

Comment Section

The second most "discussed" challenge is the comment section.

In order to manage an effective comment section, we have adopted a third party comment management system, DISQUS.

This is what the comment section looks like.

Step 1: Write in your desired comment. Just below it is a text box to provide your "name", "email" and "password". This can happen if you are already registered with the Disqus platform. If you aren't registered, please skip to the next step.

Step 2: For those that aren't registered but would like to comment as a guest, there's a small checkbox just below that says "I'd rather post as a guest". Once you click on that, it asks you for your name and email. That's all.

And there you have it, your comment automatically uploaded!

We'd encourage people to post in as a guest- providing an accurate email address so they can receive responses to their enquiries directly in their mailbox from the Purplelabalaba team!

Hopefully, we'd not be addressing this anymore till there's another major upgrade.

We are working hard to better serve you. 

Please bear with us. If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on info@purplelabalaba.com OR purplelabalaba@gmail.com

Have a great day everyone!

With Love,


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