#LabalabaReview: I tried something different today!


How are you, babies!

As a lot of people are aware, I've been cursed with MAC lipsticks. Like, I am unapologetic about it even. Everyone has decided to leave me alone with my addiction. I mean, friends still ask me if I sell it, I give them the look of "do I look like I am selling it ? if I give you uppercut *side eye*"

I just love MAC, MAC is bae and MAC smells like chocolate!...No kidding, it really does...LOL *battling lashes*

Anyway, as we are embracing "change", I decided to challenge myself by using other brands other than MAC and give you my views on them. Some I love, some I am in between, Others, I am just like bleh...

Also, I had to put their price tags into consideration, the lip stains are way cheaper than MAC and some of them do a great job!

Let's get straight to it now shall we?

Sleek "Matte Me" Lipstain:
I remember being at the store and was told if I buy over a certain amount of sleek products, I will get an item free. I got this and was thinking to myself.."what will this do now...Let me just get it, I am sure I'd put to good use soon"... I know I don't use as often because I have mac's Ruby Woo but this is one product I'd probably rock over and over again. 

The finish is matte, I have explained how best to apply matte lip stains here. The wear time is over 4 hours which I think is good before you need a refill. Check it out!

Zaron "24 Karat" Lipgloss:
If you are more of a conservative, this should be your holy grail. The thing I love the most about it is that it fits all skin tone which is really rare for "nude" lippies; usually, it might suit a light skinned person better than a dark skinned person but I find this really good with everyone. I am saying this because my sister got it first and it really looked nice on her. I tried it out and it turned out really good as well so I purchased mine. 

The wear time is probably an hour, that's the disadvantage, though, you'd need to reapply every now and then most especially for my sisters that lick their lips or kiss often, lol! Check on it!

ColorPop "Stingraye" Lipstain:
This right here is MY holy grail!!!....OMG! I am sooooo in love with the texture on this lip stain. I kid you not, it lasts for 7 hours without requiring touch up. The only time it wears out is it you take something oily, that's all o! It's smudge proof, sweat proof, kiss proof and waterproof. The very first time I tried it like I wrote in my previous post was at YangaBeauty studio, she had just gotten new supplies of products and I was at hers, she tried it on me and it was amazing!!!!...I ended up buying it. 

Check on it! 

LA Girl "BlackCurrant" Lipstain:
Seen quite a number of people rave about this product. My friend Dammy said she didn't like how dark it was so she gave me. I'd say I like it but not LOVE it if that makes sense. It smells like ink, not really a fan, Wear time is about 4 hours too. I don't think I'd be repurchasing if I run out though. If you use it, please tag me on Instagram (@PurpleLabalaba) so I can see it on you - maybe, just maybe I'd change my mind about it. 

Check on it!

Absolute "Dark Plum" Lipstick:
It's disappointing that they claim this is a matte lipstick. Hian. I was so happy getting it because I've always wanted a dark plum matte lipstick. Got this with the intention of "killing" it but it didn't just do it for me! AT ALL! I know for sure that this is no longer in my makeup purse. Wear time is about an hour / hour and a half but that's about it. I don't understand the smell too. Please if you have tried this, please let me know how best I can utilise it. Thank you!

If you know me personally and you want this, please let me know, I'd gladly send it across. 

Check on it!

LA Girls "Dreamer" Lipstick:
I got this as a gift from YangaBeauty over Christmas. It was one bold color! On my skin  ie, I find it more appealing to a dark-skinned person as opposed a light skinned person. Maybe it is because it has a satin finish to it, I felt different on me. I properly will try turning it Matte and see the difference. The wear time is about 2 hours.

Check on it!

I am pretty certain there are other brands out there that I should try reviewing but I can't keep buying oh *chuckles laugh*. If you have a lipstick line and I'd you'd like me to review, please send me an email on purplelabalaba@gmail.com. I'd be happy to try it out! If I am overwhelmed by the collection, I'd be doing a lot of giveaways! 

Also, If you need to purchase these and you have no idea where to get them, be sure to check the list of stores in Nigeria.

For now, I am back to my MAC lippies oh. :D I can't let them waste you know, *wink*

Have a fabulous day babies.


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