#SkinCare: How to know your skin type.

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How is everyone doing!

I have been getting a lot of pictures showing lip stain application from my previous post. If you missed it, click here.

Feels so good knowing people listen/watch, I am super excited that I have been able to impact one way or the other to your lives or beauty routines.

Now, we are moving a bit forward. If I am moving at a fast pace, please let me know ok?

How do you determine your skin type!

It is important to know your skin type in order to pair the right skin products with it. Sometimes, people use products not suitable for their skin types and end up reacting to them or claiming the products don't work for them. Often times, people tag such products fake which usually isn't the case - It's just you.

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A simple test I'd need you to get done tonight and we'd be able to move forward.

Tonight, I'd need you to wash your face properly before you go to bed. 

That's all.

In the morning, after prayers (obviously), check your face out in the mirror with your tissue in hand to wipe off your face,

I'd group the skin type into 5 like I mentioned in this post. You can decide what category you fall under.

There's no need forcing yourself to belong to another skin type because you'd be deceiving yourself, this is no exam, there's no gift for the person that has the best skin type. Your skin is yours, you better start taking the right precautions to taking care of that baby of yours. 

So, we've got the following skin types. Please note, some people are blessed with a combination of one or more skin type, lol. I mean that with all the love I have left in me. I'd be listing such skin types as well, watch out.

Also, the images used does not represent what skin types the models have o! Before you jump down my throat. I have featured all the makeup artists on the blog and if you click on the image source under each photo, you'd be redirected to my feature on them.

Normal Skin
Those that have this skin type, the tissue paper should have little or no oil patches on it. It'd be neither oily nor dry.

You belong here??? You're blessed and highly favoured!!!...Shout Hallelujah oh... You guys hardly have pimples, pores aren't so visible, the elasticity is in the best proportion, you don't have pimples unnecessarily and makeup application will be flawless.

Image Source: JagaBeauty

Dry Skin
For this skin type, the tissue paper should have no oils on it at all, you might even feel some tightening effect. Once you look in the mirror and you're struggling to find oils, you are probably in this family.

If you belong to this category, your skin has almost invisible pores. I bet makeup will stay better on you guys as you really don't have to stress yourself much. A good face primer and an hydrating foundation should do the final trick for you all.

Image Source: Oluchi Onuigbo
Oily Skin
For those that have this skin type, the tissue paper should have visible traces of oil on it. Before using the tissue, I am pretty sure you can see how oily it is because it's quite greasy.

Those in this category have enlarged pores, they are prone to pimples, blackheads and acne. They produce a lot of oils which can be irritating. Dermatologists say this is a good skin type as you age better and it's quite elastic - whatever that means *side eye*. LOL.

Image Source: Yanga Beauty

Combination Skin
With this skin type, the tissue paper should have some traces of oil. Most of which will come from your nose, forehead and cheeks while other parts of your face feel dry. Most women claim they belong to this category. *big grin*

It's also characterised by overly enlarged pores and blackheads.

Image Source: Christine Signatures

Sensitive Skin
If your skin is always itchy and tight once you try something new, it becomes inflamed or generally gets irritated, chances are, you belong to this category.

Image Source: Zaron Cosmetics.

There's a huge possibility of having more than one skin type. Just read through those listed. For example:
  1. Oily and Sensitive Skin
  2. Dry and Sensitive Skin
  3. Combination and Sensitive Skin

Do You get my drift?

Ok, thank you!

I hope you now know where you belong.


I should add that this test needs to be done twice. One overnight and the other throughout the day. One can easily confuse combination skin with oily skin because once you are in bed, you have high tendencies of lying on your sides.

I'd not lie, before I finally accepted my skin type, I was claiming combination skin, you know, it sounded very "tush"...Check this out " Oh, I've got combination skin, I don't use any type of product on it *flipping hair*"... My friend, will you keep quiet and sit your bum down!...You are a full-blooded oily skinned individual!.*RME*

To add salt to the injury, I just discovered I am not only an oily skinned person but also a sensitive skinned person. I know I mentioned it severally that my skin goes from a zero to 100 real quick when I introduce a new product or start a new diet, you can tell easily because I start getting pimples in weird places. In summary, I have oily sensitive skin. Who did I offend? Why me?

When you think of things ehn, deep quotes just appear from nowhere like "Do not lie to yourself, accept what you are and act accordingly." LOL, If you see me outside and notice my skin isn't looking so good as you'd expect, just know I am reaping the fruits of my careless labour. (-__-)

Let me tell you how oily my skin is. I have to wash my face every 4 hours whenever I am home. Days I am not home, I hold a blotting paper or tissue to dab the excess oils on my face. Aside using primers to control the oils, I feel like the oils just have a meeting on your head and decide to show themselves simply because they can.

This is what my face looks like in the morning. I kid you not, that isn't sweat, it's OIL!!!!...Oil capable of frying yam, chicken and fish ...Mchew!

The End.

I hope you have learned a thing or two from my list and I really pray you start caring for your skin as much as you care for Food. :D

I'd try research on how to care for each skin type and of course share. It's a lot of work but totally worth it.

Your skin is a reflection of you baby!

Have a fabulous day guys.


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