Hellooo... It's meeeee...

Yes, yes, yes...

I know.

I don't want to sound like a broken record but I still have to apologise for the sudden break. Been a roller coaster month for me and it kinda affected my "ginger"(aka motivation) to blog. I guess it's called a writer's block? or something shaaa....

Anyway, I think I am back fully, prepared, pumped up and of course INSPIRED!

I have also promised to take responsibility for every action. I am not going to blame the unstable power supply or the internet that has been misbehaving oh. Ehen, I am not blaming anyone. I take responsibility, that's what big girls do you know, lol!

I have sooooooo missed you allll!, I have missed experimenting. Trying out different products, visiting beauty stores, meeting makeup gurus and all round feeling girly and fabulous. 

Believe me when I say there are so many things in store for you all, I feel like I am about to release some awesomeness your way - Thanks to Instagram and Pinterest, sooooooooo many thingssssssss to drop here like ppppuuuuuuuuuffffff!

So please stay tuned. Follow my social media handles (@purplelabalaba) to get slight updates that aren't on the blog yet.

With that, I slide out again...


While I get my DSLR properly synchronised with my phone to deliver amazing images.

Just to let you all know I am okay... and the website is pretty much back...and better!

Get familiar! get your girls (and guys) together - baby's back.

Oh, and Happy New Month. 

It's the 2nd half of 2016...

May the blessings that come with it envelope us all.

With Love Always,
Purple Labalaba.

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