#AncientBeauty: Shea Butter Conversion.

To be honest, writing this post was quite funny to me. I mean, how won't someone know how to transfer shea butter?

Then I thought to myself, "Not everyone knows what you know, some people are secretly hoping someone would teach them some things they don't know and not judge them for not knowing"

Yeah, sister. I feel you! I am right here for you. :)

I'd be explaining how to convert your shea butter to fit into anything you want. It's like the simplest thing ever. 

All you need is...

A Microwave. 

To be considerate, If you don't have a microwave to use, you can put it in a pot heating it up. I'd be teaching you both methods. You'd get the same result. 

Although I'd not be showing images using a pot, I'd explain.

This is what raw shea butter looks like. Some of them are lighter than the others. It's still okay.

All you need to do is place the solid ones into a microwaveable container and set the heat to medium , timed at 3 mins. Check at intervals to be sure it is liquid.

After which, you should have it look like this.

In this state, carefully put it in the freezer to solidify. You can leave it in there for an hour or two. I forgot mine in there to be honest. lol.

And there you have it. Transferred Shea Butter.

Se Finis.

Now, those using a pot. Once it has melted, transfer it immediately into a container before proceeding with the freezer. It's preferable to transfer it while it is still hot warm into a container that can take heated items.

Hope that helped one or two people.

Just so you know, few "stating the obvious" posts would be published as I said earlier, not everyone knows all these. :)

Have a fabulous day hunnies.

With Love,
Purple Labalaba.

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