#SkinCare: "Seacret" Dead Sea Mud.

I was passing by the mall about 2 years ago when I saw this extremely pretty redhead marketer. I remember her vividly, she spoke so fluently although her native language obviously wasn't English - I believe she's Russian or of Russian descent because her accent was out of this world. 

She kept asking me if I like my skin, do I exfoliate? have I ever deep-cleansed? I mean, I was thrown off balance as to why a stranger would ask me that kind of question - unknown to me that that was the trick to luring individuals to their stand.


She caught me oh because I was now curious to know what she was talking about, she placed the mud on the back of my palm and started massaging it in. Boy did it feel good! Next thing I found myself sitting on her evillllllll chair and that was how she convinced me into buying this amazing product!!!!

I still feel like I haven't done justice to this product yet. Or maybe it's the price that's still paining me. Either way, I haven't really used it. I use once in a while which is expected anyway. Once a month should be fine for deep exfoliation so you don't irritate your skin in anyway.

It's been almost 3 years and it still looks like this.

Wondering what it looks like??? Lol, I have typed too much. Here it is!!!... In its full glory.

It comes in a blue and black square pack and a heavy glass jar with a plastic silver lid.

It says here that it is a deep mineral rich clarifying mud mask suitable for all skin types.

I have an oily skin so I can only speak for myself - Apart from the tingling sensation felt at first, it's great.  It is also important to keep the jar tightly closed after use to prevent it from drying out.

I can easily compare it to my Indian Clay Mask as they do the same job when it comes to "deep-cleansing" skin. 

In other words, if you are searching for a cheaper alternative, get the Indian clay. However, If you are lazy like me *battling lashes*, get this one as you don't have to go through the stress of prepping. 

If you're looking around for places to purchase, here's a direct link to their website or you can check on Amazon.

Or just go to Israel. LOL.

Till I come your way next time.


With Love,

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